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App Store Alternatives To Download Top Free Apps On Android Devices


Most smartphone users are familiar with Google Play and the Apple app store. However, what many Android users do not realize is that there is an abundance of alternative ways for you to find and download apps like Accutype. If you are an Android owner and avid app user, you may be interested in some of these app store alternatives.


If you use an Android, you will be happy to hear that Amazon offers an alternative to Google Play. This app store is the place to find thousands of free and paid apps. Amazon’s store is a great option for those who want a good discount. While they are mostly known for buying a television, this online retailer gives out paid apps for free every day. They also offer bundle deals for paid apps so you can save even more. If you are looking for a well known app store option that offers deals on the daily, Amazon is the one for you.

Get Jar

Get Jar is a popular app store alternative. With a variety of free apps to download, including Swiftkey, you can enjoy a vast selection of crowd-reviewed programs. Like Amazon, Get Jar gives away premium apps for free. This store is great for bargain hunters. Additionally, Get Jar has an easy to use search interface. You can explore everything that they have to offer by browsing their categories sub-categories. Then, you can choose the best app judging by their likes, dislikes and comments which are readily available for you to read.

1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market is made for programmers and app users to find the latest and greatest apps around. This free Android store provides certified, safe apps for download. Apps are curated to you, which means that you can see applications that are popular in your area. 1Mobile Market is also a popular source for designers to gauge interest in their product. If you want to test and review fresh apps, this is the app store for you.


APK stands for Android application package. Get APK allows you to download APK files or free. This app is simple to use. It even has plenty of search options so that you can find exact files in an instant. Their 25 search categories help make navigating their thousands of native mobile apps much easier. Best of all, if the app you are looking for is not available, you can put in a request to have it added to their catalogue.


Finally, SlideME is an alternative Android market that focuses on apps that are not available elsewhere. This store is a curated marketplace that features certain apps based on location, popularity and function. Users who want to find new and unique app options should definitely consider SlideME for their needs.

App Store Apps

If you do not use the Apple App Store to download native mobile apps, you may not know what the best games out there are. Even if you use the alternatives above, you may not be able to find the top App Store games and apps that everyone is talking about. Thankfully, there is a way around this. If you want to stay in the know on the newest App Store apps that everyone is talking about, visit the App Store online. The Apple website has the free apps charts listed under the iTunes section of their website. This is a useful way to learn about the best free App Store games so you can go download them from one of the App Store alternatives mentioned above.

Although Google Play offers a great variety of choices, there are still apps that are yet to be discovered by most users, like the Picsart app. These alternative app stores are a great to explore different mobile programs. Whether you go for the well known Amazon store for a bargain, or turn to SlideMe for some extra variety, these alternatives are the best way to download new apps.

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