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Siri For Android Virtual Assistant Alternatives For Hands Free Phone Use


Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is one of the largest competitors for Apple iPhones. One key difference between these two smartphones is that iPhones have a unique personal assistance system called Siri. Siri has the ability to search things on the web, like skoool e-learning alternatives, send text messages, schedule appointments and sometimes even reply to the user with funny comments, all through voice command. Many people are interested in finding a system like Siri for Android. Luckily, there is a variety of personal voice-controlled assistant apps out there for Android users. Below is a list of our top 5 picks for the best Siri for Android alternatives.


If you have not already started using Cortana, what are you waiting for? Cortana is the Microsoft equivalent of Siri available on a ton of devices, including e-readers. Many believe that the Microsoft virtual assistant still has a long way to go to match the capabilities of Siri or even Alexa. However, you can still use the service to make calls, send texts and emails, track packages, tell jokes, take notes and add events to your calendar. This is right on par with Siri. If you are looking for a true Siri for Android type of virtual assistant, start using Cortana.

Google Now

Google Now is the tech mogul’s own intelligent personal assistant. This voice controlled app can do just about anything that Siri can do. From directions to friend’s birthday parties to TV show suggestions, this app has you covered. You can also, of course, use it to search Google for Quake Live reviews or anything else your heart desires. It is built into Android phone systems 4.1 and above, meaning that you probably already have this useful personal assistant at your fingertips. To activate it, simply say “OK Google” and begin doing it all hands-free.

AIVC (Alice)

AIVC or “Alice” is a third-party personal assistant app for Android that can definitely contend with Siri. This app is focused on meeting your basic, essential needs. You can also use it with your tphone, as well. Calls, texts, calendars, alarms and translations are all available through this voice-controlled application. You can also ask Alice for fun facts and information about stocks, stats and more. For a standard personal assistant that can complete average tasks with above average performance, Alice is the best app for you.

SpeakToIt Assistant

SpeakToIt Assistant is another Siri for Android alternative app that may even outperform the Apple assistant. It is the app used by many top innovation managers. This phone assistant even appears as an actual animated assistant that you can converse with. You can make the person look however you world like, changing his or her sex, hair style, facial features and wardrobe. You can use this app to check the weather, make phone calls, send texts and emails, search the web, ask questions and find locations. So, your SpeakToIt Assistant can pretty much do it all. If you want a comprehensive Siri for Android app that allows you to have a bit of fun as well, SpeakToIt is a great option.


Vlingo is a personal assistant app that has been around longer than Apple’s own Siri. For simple voice commands, this app does just fine. The Vlingo app requires a “Tap and speak” form of communication. For those who do not mind being a little hands-on with their phone for a voice command app, this is a great option. When you just don’t feel like typing, Vlingo is there to take over and send emails, text messages and make calls, as is similar to one of the luxury Audi Q7 features. It can even update your Twitter and Facebook statuses!


Dragon Mobile Assistant comes from the creators of some very impressive voice dictation software. As expected, this Siri-alternative is just as impressive. Dragon can complete all of the basic functions of your phone through voice command. Additionally, it can answer general questions about the weather or simple facts. Unfortunately, it cannot create Outlook email for you, but if you do not send a lot of emails from your phone, this is a nonissue. Dragon also boasts the ability to hear your voice commands even when your phone screen is off, making it that much easier for you to go completely hands-free.


Assistant is the final Siri for Android alternative on our list, and we saved one of the best for last. This personal assistant app is the stuff of digital dreams. It is top rated by a variety of different users. Its intelligent voice assistance learns your preferences as you go so that it can customize your experience. Aside from managing meetings and messages, the Assistant app can also predict your commands before you even ask them. If you want a personal assistant that really gets personal, this is the app for you.

Dozens of alternatives to Siri for Android are available for download. There are always technology solutions for all different needs, you just have to find them! Thankfully, we have located the best of the best. Depending on what you need, any of these 5 apps above could replace Siri on your phone.

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