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Amazon Sellers Scams Prevention Tips For Cautious Online Shoppers

Amazon sellers are quickly becoming one of the most successful groups of entrepreneurs to date. However, there are also far too many fraudulent Amazon sellers running amok that can scam internet users and online shoppers out of their hard-earned money. If you are an online shopper who frequently visits Amazon, you are sure to have seen some questionable sellers or products. If you want to learn how to avoid shady Amazon sellers and keep your Chase payment method information safe, keep reading below for tips on how to protect yourself.

Read The Reviews

The first way you can check to see if an Amazon seller is legitimate is to, of course, check the reviews. All you have to do is scroll down on the page a bit. You will immediately be able to get a feel for whether or not previous customers were satisfied with their orders. If people are complaining about product quality or shipments never being received that should immediately be a red flag. Checking Amazon user reviews is the easiest way to weed out sketchy, illegitimate Amazon sellers.

Check The Amount Of Reviews

If you check out the reviews for a potential Amazon scam artist and they are all positive, you may still have to worry. You should also take notice of the amount of reviews, as there are definitely some minimum requirements. The more reviews a seller or an item have, the better. If an item you are looking at has under 10 reviews and all of them are excellent, proceed with caution. The store may very well still be a fraudulent Amazon seller. Make sure the product you are considering has at least 20 or more reviews to be certain your are shopping with a reputable Amazon store.

Watch For Shipment Updates

If you fear you have fallen victim to an Amazon scam after clicking the “Buy Now” button, you still have a good chance of identifying them in time. Once your order is placed, be sure to check the status of the order. Many Amazon seller scam artists claim to ship products from the United States or Canada. However, once someone buys a product, the shipment information provides China Post tracking information. If you notice this is the case with your shipment, be sure to cancel the product immediately to avoid falling prey to these scams.

Stick To Amazon Products

Finally, the easiest way to avoid scamming Amazon sellers is to stick to Amazon direct products. Products that are sold directly by Amazon, which are typically marked with a Prime logo, are the only products you can be certain are legitimate. These products may be a bit more expensive than similar Amazon marketplace offerings from third-party sellers, however, they are also sure to not be a scam. They also ship much quicker too. If you want to avoid the hassle of having to avoid shady Amazon marketplace scam artists, shop Amazon Prime products only.

Amazon scams are on the rise in 2017, much to the disappointment of many online shoppers, like yourself. If you are a frequent Amazon shopper who is nervous about falling victim to one of the many fraudulent Amazon sellers, use the tips above to protect yourself. This is much simpler than using a PayPal gift card any time you want to impulse buy. These tips are sure to protect you from any Amazon seller scams, so you can keep your hard-earned money in your own wallet, where it belongs. ​

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