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4 Anime Forms That Are Influencing the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is always evolving and constantly being influenced by new trends and crazes to ensure that every new product is highly anticipated and loved. One of the biggest recent influencers on the gaming industry is anime; the word for Japanese animation and cartoons. Anime has become a huge trend recently with over 350,000 people attending Anime Expo in 2019 and anime frequently appearing on our TV screens, so it’s inevitable that its influence would begin to seep into other forms of western entertainment. Anime is providing many unique features for gamers that are quickly gaining popularity in the gaming industry as a whole. If you are interested in the top anime forms that are influencing the gaming industry, continue reading this post.

Games Based on Certain Anime

The biggest visible influence that anime has had on the gaming industry is the increase in video games that are based on actual existing anime. Much like the trend of turning popular movies and TV shows into video games, certain anime are now getting their own turn in the gaming spotlight. For example, the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm franchise essentially retells the existing Naruto storyline but instead allows the player to live through the action and get involved in all of the fight scenes that they adored watching. Whilst these games rarely add anything to the existing story, they are a way for fans of the anime to get more content and relive their favorite parts whilst getting involved in the action. The unique gaming features anime offers are quickly gaining traction within the gaming industry. These games based directly off a certain anime are optimizing the gaming industry as an entity.

Visual Novel and Dating Simulators

A major advancement in anime that is impacting the gaming industry as a whole is the introduction of visual novels and dating simulators. Anime, like any other form of television, comes in all different genres, ranging from fantasy to gritty crime stories; but no matter the genre, everyone can agree that one of the bestselling points of anime is the original and well put together storylines. Since the rise of anime, there has been an increase in the number of visual novel games – these are essentially pictures rather than gameplay with large amounts of dialogue and multiple-choice options to propel the game forward. As well as this, there has been a surge in anime-style dating simulator apps. These apps place usually around 4 – 5 options of anime boyfriends for you to choose from and ‘date’ through a similar visual novel style of storytelling. Consider the visual anime knowledge and dating simulators that are quickly influencing gaming as a whole.

Fighting And Fantasy RPG Games

One of the biggest influences that anime has had on the gaming industry has been the sudden and dramatic influx of fantasy and combat role-playing games. Anime is notorious for its representation of magical powers, otherworldly beings, and extreme and intense fight scenes, all of which have recently found their way into video games. Whilst fighting games have been around for as long as we can remember, the presence of particularly over the top and magical fight scenes combined with crazy stories and fully voiced cut scenes have surged dramatically since anime’s rise in popularity. The unique fighting and fantasy gaming features are quickly popularizing anime to new markets. A major impact anime is has on gaming is directly derived from fighting and fantasy RPG games.

Gaming Figurines

A large part of anime’s success is the merchandise that is available, such as detailed character figurines. This is a marketing technique that has been present in the TV industry for a long time but was not particularly present in gaming until anime-style games had emerged. After all, before the influence of anime on character designs, video game characters did not particularly have an interesting style, and therefore, would not make for particularly visually pleasing figurines. You can really see the influence of anime on figurines such as Nendoroids, where famous video game characters are given the anime treatment and are made to look much cuter than their original designs. These figures are rarely available in physical stores, so it’s easiest to buy Nendoroids online and own beautifully crafted anime-style figurines of all your favorite video game characters. These separate gaming figurines are having a clearly viable impact on gaming as a whole.

Anime has had a huge influence on the gaming industry and will continue to do so, as more anime is released every year. There is always new material for the industry to be influenced by, so the character designs, story lines, and fight scenes in games will continue to follow the standards set and created by anime. Currently, there are games based on specific anime forms and genres that are greatly impacting gaming as a whole. However, many gamers find that the unique aspects brought up through dating simulators and role-playing games will eventually have the largest impact on the gaming market through a unique gaming experience. Others believe that change will be from the introduction of fighting and fantasy RPG games. Undeniably, the entry of unique figurines has caused the market to explode, and attract many traditional gamers. If you are interested in the top anime forms that are influencing the gaming industry, consider the points mentioned above.

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