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Qualcomm Apple Manufacturing Lawsuit Upsets iPhone Production

From a technology design standpoint, you have to be an Apple fan. After all, the company does have more cash flow than midsize countries. They are known for lining up buyers outside the door of their flagship stores because of the high attention to detail in their products.


Most people in the technology industry, and even those that just know how to reset Fitbit trackers, are aware that Samsung produces chips for Apple. Samsung has been manufacturing the Apple designed chips for a long while. However, Apple manufacturing process switched to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) for the bulk of chip manufacturing earlier in 2014. Samsung obviously took a big loss and revenue after the switch.

However, A new deal has been struck between Apple and Samsung that promises to be bigger than the invention camera. The deal, speculated to be worth billions, will make Samsung the main iPhone and iPad chip manufacturer once again. No doubt, the contract will help the suffering profits of Samsung.

Apple Manufacturing Partners

Clearly, Apple continues to rely on key partners for production. This way, they can focus on the technology design and development that drives their customers to buy, buy, buy. But, if Samsung were to catch up in their mobile app and development solutions, they could pose a threat to Apple by not renewing a manufacturing contract.

In the meantime, remind your fellow iPhone users that their chips are made by Samsung. Yes, design is clearly winning with most mobile users today, just as it did with the Phaeton way back when. However, design is only great if the products actually get built.

If you didn’t know that Samsung contributes to Apple manufacturing, please share this post with your friends and family. It might give them a new look on what they are purchasing. I’m not hoping that people will buy more Samsung devices. Instead, I’m hoping that people will appreciate the significance of design in digital technology.

Manufacturing In China

Qualcomm recently filed a lawsuit against Apple to prevent the company from manufacturing phones in China. The suit is also seeking to prevent them from selling iPhones in China. Qualcomm alleges that Apple utilizes three of their technologies on the latest iPhone devices. Both Apple and Qualcomm appear to be very obdurate in their stance. Just like divorce settlements, this is not going to come easy for either party. It does not seem to be an Apple manufacturing battle that will end anytime soon.

Apple Manufacturing Facilities

In addition to its contract with Samsung, Apply has 18 manufacturing plants. These are the locations where products are assembled to create the iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro and other Apple products. The company maintains a detailed progress report on each of the supply facilities, just like Kirby Reviews, and boasts a strong supplier responsibility record for each of them.

New Apple Manufacturing Facility

In addition to the original 18 Apple manufacturing plants, a partner company of the tech giant, Foxconn, has confirmed a $7 billion investment into opening a new flat-panel manufacturing facility right here in the United States. These flat panels are one of the most fundamental smartphone components, which is why this would be an huge development in attempts at revitalizing the American manufacturing industry, without the power of Nen. More importantly, it would be a huge step towards bringing Apple’s production line, and the jobs it produces, stateside.

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