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Watchkit App Development Toolkit Guide For New Back End Developers

Do you remember when building an app was the hot trend? Well, you may not have to think too hard. Apps are still hot, and Momentus apps are proof of that. But, they have just gotten a whole lot hotter than before.

Tools For App Development

Today, there are many tools for app development. It is much easier to develop an app today than years ago. There are applications that let you import website content into apps easily. There are different types of development platforms for apps. In fact, there are even apps that build apps. Here’s a full list of The 9 Types of Apps for Mobile End Users.

More Mobile Devices And Opportunities

But, that was just for mobile devices. Then, we were introduced to iPads, tablets and of course, phablets! Again, developers were given the opportunity to innovate and improve user experience. Companies, developers and consumers all benefited (some more than others).

Wearable Tech

Now, wearable technology is on the rise, starting with smart watches. That means more work for app developers. Although the Apple Watch is not currently available (like the LG G Watch R watch which we love), Apple has released the WatchKit for developers to start working on Apps for the upcoming release.


The WatchKit includes the software tools that developers need to create experiences that are specifically design for the Apple Watch. For example, developers will be able to create new apps, actionable notifications and glances. These new experiences will allow users to act directly from their wrist, sending, receiving and accessing information.


Undoubtedly, developers are excited to experiment with these new options. Once again, they have the opportunity to enhance user experience, creating further engagement between brands and consumers. For example, users will be able to react even faster to apps like Instagram, Facebook or Vine.

Watchkit Classes

The Watchkit tool for developers makes use of specific symbols and classes, so it is important to familiarize yourself with them before using the platform. Some of these classes include the WKAccessibilityImageRegion object, which defines a specific part of an image that you need for an assertive app. Another object, WKAlertAction, contains information regarding the buttons displayed in action sheets, or alerts. You may also find the WKApplicationRefreshBackgroundTask class helpful, as it updates your app’s background state. Familiarize yourself with these, and other, Watchkit classes to make the most of the Apple Watch app toolkit.

Where To Find The Watchkit

To get your hands on the newest release from Apple, go to (that is where the image is from too) and download all the resources available. If you develop apps on your own, this is a great place to start. And even if you are new to the scene, there will never be a better time to get started than right now.

For WatchOS 3

The new update to the newest Apple watch should not change anything for developers or music YouTube listeners. However, it will make your app users better able to navigate and store your app. It will also allow Apple watch users to select certain apps to continue running in the background and update information. So keep this in mind when using Watchkit to develop your app. If you feel that your users really like your product and are going to want it to update in the background, this may factor in to how you build the app and updates going forward. So while nothing new is happening with the Watchkit, you may want to pay attention to what is happening with WatchOS 3.

So prepare yourself. A new wave of app development has begun thanks to the Apple manufacturing team. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for the new Apple Watch release and perhaps you could share this post on Facebook while we wait.

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