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10 Apps For Work That Will Make You Successful Overnight

Are the day-to-day responsibilities of owning and operating a business pulling you in a hundred different directions? Fortunately, there are all kinds of apps available to help increase your productivity, whether you run a successful bathroom remodeling business or a string of fast food franchises. You don’t have time to wade through an endless lineup of apps, so here’s a list of the 10 best for business owners like you:

#1 KanbanFlow

Great for helping you stay organized, the web-based KanbanFlow app allows you to assign tasks, schedule due dates, upload documents, and visualize your entire workflow. There’s a free basic version that works on PCs, Macs, and most smartphones, plus a premium version that gives you the ability to attach files, retain revision histories and analyze your productivity.

#2 Toggl

The timer on the Toggl app allows you to track every second of the workday so it’s ideal for logging billable hours. There’s a free version for up to five users that lets you track multiple clients or projects, export time sheets, and sync the numbers with your project management app too. You can have unlimited users with the Pro version with expanded features like billable rates and sub-projects.

# 3 Asana

This project management app can help you streamline your workflow, centralize communications, prioritize projects, and track your progress visually all from one flexible interface. You can communicate with assigned employees within each project, set due dates, attach files and documents, and set up custom notifications. Better yet, if you have 15 users or less, the basic version of Asana is free.

#4 Skype for Business

How do you get all of your employees together for a meeting when they’re off working on different projects? Enter the Skype for Business app, that lets you schedule and record group meetings of up to 250 people, make HD video calls, send files and photos, sync with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote and even remotely access your desktop PCs from a large tablet.

#5 1Password

With digital security such a big concern these days, keeping your passwords protected is essential. The 1Password app safeguards all your passwords and sensitive data such as credit card, bank account or social security numbers with strong AES-256 encryption and firewall management. All you have to do is sign in with your fingerprint or PIN code from your mobile device, then use the powerful search feature to quickly find what you need.

#6 Streak

Streak is a handy cloud-based CRM tool that integrates with Gmail and Google Apps. It lets you run your business right from your Gmail inbox and organizes customers based on where they’re at in your pipeline, from initial sales quote to finalizing a deal. From the Streak platform, you can view all the emails associated with each of your clients, and keep team members updated on status changes via the newsfeed.

#7 MailChimp

MailChimp can help you streamline your business’ email marketing. With the app, you can build and manage mailing lists, and create and send newsletters. It also lets you view performance reports and build customized email templates to fine tune your mailings to specific lists of customers. Plus, if you have less than 2,000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails a month for free.

#8 Gusto

If you hate dealing with payroll, taxes, benefits, and all the related digital banking chores, you’ll love the Gusto app. It not only processes your payroll and sends out digital pay stubs, it handles everything payroll-related including onboarding of employees, automatically reporting new hires to the IRS, calculating and filing local, state and federal taxes.

#9 FreshBooks

The FreshBooks app gives you a straightforward way to manage all the aspects of your business accounting. You can track and organize expenses, create professional invoices, accept credit card payments from your mobile device, and generate customized reports that show you exactly how your business is doing. It is one of the most economical accounting software available.

#10 SignEasy

It’s easy to eliminate the hassle of having to print, sign, scan, and email contracts, agreements, and other important documents with the SignEasy app. It lets you receive and sign documents yourself, get someone’s eSignature right on your mobile device, or send documents by email to one or multiple recipients, track their progress and get notified once they’re signed. E-signing is a great addition to your overall IT strategy.

Bonus: Google Keep

Here’s another great app for working, Google Keep. It’s Google’s version of a sticky note that you can use to jot down quick to-dos or reminders. These help clear up head space for thinking clearly while improving productivity and getting more work done in the process. Of course, you can use it on your phone and pin it on the screen until the task is done. Pretty great way way to stay focused.

No matter what size or type of business you own, it pays to take advantage of today’s tech offerings to make your work life a little less hectic and more productive. Which of the above apps can you use to help you run a successful bathroom remodeling business?

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