Friday , 26 November 2021

5 Artificial Intelligence Platforms Transforming Software Development

Major artificial intelligence (AI) development companies are gradually releasing development platforms to the public. As a result, enterprise teams have access to vast code libraries that engineers can compile into deep learning models. With COVID-19 expanding the app market for mobile users, it is imperative for computer programmers to know the top AI tools to meet their development company’s needs. As a software engineer in the tech industry, you know that advanced AI platforms can streamline machine-learning algorithm processes. Read on to learn about several emerging artificial intelligence platforms transforming software development.

Open-Source Libraries

Open-source libraries are major emerging AI platforms transforming software development lifecycles. Some major open-source libraries are designed for machine learning and neural networks research. Typically, their data flow structure utilizes mathematical equations and graphs. In this way, these libraries can create architectures optimized for cross-platform computation. Many open-source libraries offer a range of flexible AI development solutions, increased portability, and a deep learning framework. Regardless of your programming language, major open-source libraries can also provide model deployment in the cloud, on-prem, or in your browser. Open-source libraries are emerging artificial intelligence platforms to transform your development pipeline.

Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interfaces are another AI platform to transform your development process. Conversation and natural language processing AI are new emerging trends becoming an integral part of business practices across various industries. Many top AI conversational interfaces are already changing the way that users interact with companies online. For example, some top technology companies provide environments to code chatbots for business’s customer support, marketing, and sales purposes. Additionally, they are also releasing natural language processing application programming interfaces (APIs). This has allowed non-data experts to build their own queries. For this reason, conversational interfaces are another emerging artificial intelligence platform transforming the software development industry.

Cloud-Based Auto Machine Learning Models

In addition, cloud-based auto machine learning (ML) models are another AI trend changing software development. For instance, Google’s Cloud AutoML offers machine learning products that enable you to achieve faster performance in your development pipeline. With a user-friendly graphic interface, create your own custom machine learning models for your enterprises’ specific projects. Major software companies may provide a human labeling service to annotate and clean your labels. This ensures your AI models are trained based on high-quality data. Cloud-based auto machine learning models are influential artificial intelligence platforms to improve quality and efficiency in your development pipeline.

Computer Vision APIs

Moreover, computer vision APIs are another emerging artificial intelligence platform that developers can use to power their projects. Typically, computer vision API displays information about the visual content in an image. From there, you can utilize the API to extract data from images to categorize and process visual information. Often, computer vision APIs use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to read text in images. This way, you can extract data from handwritten notes, letters, essays, and other sources. Computer vision API can also recognize celebrities, natural, and man made landmarks. You can also use cloud endpoints tools for easier application development. Computer vision APIs are another AI platform trend bringing the software development industry to new levels.

Emotion Recognition Platforms

Furthermore, emotion recognition platforms are also advancing the software development industry. By implementing this technology, your software projects can essentially “read” the emotions on human faces. Using advanced image processing or audio data processing, software can capture subtle body language cues and vocal intonation that conveys a person’s feelings. Health, gaming, and education industries are displaying a growing demand for this technology. Consequentially, it is essential to learn how to utilize these emotion recognition platforms in your software development projects to meet the growing demand. Emotion recognition platforms are another AI tool changing the software industry.

There are several emerging artificial intelligence platforms transforming software development. For example, open-source libraries are expanding flexibility and offering increased portability for deep learning frameworks. In addition, conversational interfaces allow developers to create chat bots more efficiently to support the business market. Cloud-based auto machine learning models provide user-friendly graphic interfaces to achieve more efficient high-quality performance. Computer vision APIs are another AI platform bringing the software development industry to new levels. Furthermore, you can utilize emotion recognition platforms to streamline image and audio data processing for your app development ideas. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about several emerging artificial intelligence platforms transforming software development.

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