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6 Ways Event Driven Architecture Re-Invents Cloud Data Management

Cloud computing allows companies and organizations to scale their computing capabilities far beyond just being able to convert image to PDF. So far, we have spent most of our programming in the cloud around current operations, data collection and analysis. Now, event driven architecture stands to re-invent how cloud computing manages data. In fact, this developing software architecture might be ... Read More »

Best Types Of Auto Battery Technology For A Long-Lasting Charge

When your car battery dies, you probably don’t think much about the replacement. Naturally, we replace our auto battery with a similar model to what we had before. For those of us driving older cars, the batteries technology industry is changing quickly. When buying a new battery, seize the opportunity to embrace, newer, more advanced technology. Here is a comparison ... Read More »

5 Futuristic Mobile Technologies That Are In Development Right Now

Mobile technologies are one of the most rapidly progressing products in the world today. Even now, smartphone developers are working on new ways to improve every good smartphone in your pocket. Consumers everywhere look forward to the next release of an Apple or Samsung product. However, if you want to look a little further into the future, take a look ... Read More »

Generate Winning Website Reviews To Make Your Business Stand Out

Website reviews play a huge part in the success of apps, products and services in today’s consumer market. Even games like Dead Rising 3 are no exception. Users from all over the world can share their opinions, offer ratings and encourage even more people to download your app. However, if you receive negative reviews, they could actually drive potential users ... Read More »

The Age of The Mega Botnet

You have probably seen movies like the Matrix, Star Wars or Terminator where seemingly endless robot armies are sent to destroy everything we hold dear, and it’s up to the heroes to stand against them. Well, in the real world, things look pretty different. There may not be mechanical men in the streets, but be warned, there is a bot ... Read More »

Exciting Smart Garage Door Gadgets Make Homes More Secure

The garage door is often one of the most used features in the home—yet most homeowners give it absolutely no thought. Few people even inspect their garage doors regularly, which means that they will most likely have to pay for repair once the door fails. But that’s not the only reason you should keep the door of your garage in ... Read More »

How Security Cameras Improve Employee Accountability And Safety

Although you may have done a great job of putting a staff together that is trustworthy, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be security challenges for your business that you will have a hard time overcoming unless you have some form of security equipment. Here are some ways that security cameras can make a positive difference in your business: Replacing ... Read More »

6 Cool Luxury Cars Technology Features For Ultimate Driving Safety

Luxury cars are taking a turn in the market today. Instead of lamb’s wool floor mats and granite trimmed consoles, high end car manufacturers are turning to new technology to give their vehicles a little something special. Companies like Tesla and Audi are changing the way luxury cars are made by developing high tech features that everyone wants. To find ... Read More »

5 Far-Fetched Cyber Attacks That Are Real

There are an increasing number of cyber attacks occurring in our data driven world. Today, more than ever, we have to be award of the frequency, types and risks of these attacks. As an IT user, you should be careful about safe guarding your data with cyber security. By reading about the following attacks, you can be a more responsible ... Read More »

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