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How To Protect Yourself From Tax-Related Scams This Season

As tax season ramps up, you may be feeling the pressure to get your return filed on time. The good news is that there are plenty of online tools and resources to help make the process easier. These solutions defend against all different types of cybercrime. But you need to be careful – cybercriminals are targeting taxpayers with a variety ... Read More »

How To Create Banner Advertising That Works For Your Business

There are various ways to create banner advertising that works for your business. Over the last year, digital advertising has generated a revenue of almost $140 billion. Industries around the world are implementing image-based banner ads to promote their brand and entice new customers. In fact, most businesses are adding colorful brand specific designs to attract visitors from host websites ... Read More »

How To Use GraphQL With Your WordPress Site

There are several important steps to use GraphQL with your WordPress site. GraphQL makes it possible for clients to specify the data they need for each element. With this, developers can attach a GraphQL specification to a component and tell the server what kind of data they need. They can even specify the exact format for the data as well. ... Read More »

What Are Instant Articles Facebook Ads Used For?

To get started, many companies are wondering, what are Instant Articles Facebook ads used for? Facebook Instant Articles started in 2015 to meet the growing needs of online publishers and news companies. This feature allows users to read an article through Facebook while maintaining the character and design of the publisher. In fact, over 35,000 online webpages use Instant Articles ... Read More »

How To Develop A WordPress Plugin With An API

There are several steps to develop a WordPress plugin with an API. For many developers, it’s more efficient to create a WP plugin than to add custom functionality to a site. Indeed, developers can still use a plugin if they decide to change themes. In addition, this can streamline projects where multiple themes need to share custom functionality. As a ... Read More »

5 Best AD Reporting Tools For Permissions Management

There are several great active directory (AD) reporting tools for permissions management. Organizations of all sizes use AD tools to manage users, assets and authorizations on their networks. These sophisticated programs keep track of network objects, user access and compliance regulations. As an administrator, you should familiarize yourself with third-party AD applications to streamline authorization management processes and protocols. Read ... Read More »

Machine Learning And Dynamic Pricing Algorithms

Learn about the notion of dynamic pricing algorithms and witness how it helps companies maximize revenues and boost profits. You have access to software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a user, you fuel the machine with some instructions or algorithms. The software collects, analyzes, and synthesizes data based on such prerequisites. It is a short description of ... Read More »

5 Tools The Best Journey Map Apps Offer For Tracking Customers

There are several tools the best journey map apps offer for tracking customers. Notably, these applications include features that collect information about the customer journey. Then, they present the data so users can easily comprehend and analyze it. As a marketing professional, you should use a sophisticated journey map application to track customer pathways across your digital platforms. This way, ... Read More »

5 Training Courses To Get Your Agile Certification Online

There are several top training courses to get your agile certification online. With many software companies switch to the agile methodology, many professionals are looking to get certified. Indeed, these certifications can increase salary rates and boost credibility in the industry. Of course, professionals can also improve software delivery speed to meet the rising market demand. As a software developer, ... Read More »

7 Considerations When Creating An App For Your Business

There are over 1000 apps released on the Google and Apple app stores every day. Businesses are always competing to create the best app for their business to help their customers or bring their services closer to the people. They also sometimes compete to release the next vital app. Before you start designing and developing an app for your business, ... Read More »

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