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AutoCAD vs Electrical CAD: Which One Is Better?

Some considerations need to be made regarding the determination of whether we should use AutoCAd or electrical CAD. AutoCAD is a constructive software that has been widely recognized in almost all countries. This article will guide you on how to select software for your project. When you want to drill a hole in the wall then you should use a wall drill and if you use a wood drill then your results will not be as expected. This is an analogy of software selection to support your projects. Improper software selection is simply causing your project to end up disappointing. Do not get stuck on false assumptions about what we should do in choosing software to support our work.

When you make a comparison between electrical CAD and ordinary AutoCAD you will find that they both are actually quite different from each other. AutoCAD is a great software for almost any construction project but if it is applied to an electrical project, it’s not recommended. AutoCAD is a brilliant tool for various depictions in construction projects such as viewing details, changing diameters, arranging image perspectives and so on. However this software does not bring its superiority when applied to the electrical project. We need electrical CAD for all our electrical projects!

AutoCAD For Electrical Documentation

Using AutoCAD for the project’s electrical documentation. Is it recommended? Let’s check out the following. You may have heard people say that AutoCAD is capable of being used for electrical documentation. Yes! That’s not entirely wrong but here are some points that can not be achieved if you only use AutoCAD in your electrical documentation.

  • You can modify the electrical symbols but you can not apply the intelligence to those symbols. The symbols that you modify through the AutoCAD program are only functioning as symbols without many uses. For your info, IGE-XAO: Electrical design software is recommended to apply the intelligence to the symbols.
  • You can create a reservation list but to fill it you have to use the manual way. Manual way can spend a lot of time and if you are involved in a quick project, this is the last thing you want. Electrical CAD, on the other hand, can save you time by providing the ability to automatically populate the reservation list.
  • You can write text but you can not do the translation automatically. Translator features are indispensable if you work in an environment that does not use your native language. Suppose you are an Englishman who is required to work in France then the lack of translator features is a loss to you.
  • You can place contractors and relay coils but useful references between them can not be updated automatically.
  • You still need to manually update the references and of course that way is very consuming your time.
  • You can create your own schematic diagrams but you can not collect them in a same file. This means you will not be able to obtain automated references between pages.
  • You can not add extra electrical functionality to the core of your construction. This is a real loss in any electrical documentation project.

From some of the above reasons it is clear that AutoCAD is not suitable to be applied in the manufacture of electrical documentation.

Electric CAD For Electrical Documentation

Electric CAD is designed to add extra electrical functionality to the core of electrical construction and this program has its main function as a workflow giver or layout that allows the work to be completed without wasting too much time. If this is all run by ordinary AutoCAD then everything will not run as it should.

AutoCAD is not recommended for professionals in the electrical field. Most professionals do not use AutoCAD as their primary option. They may use this ancient software in addition to their documentation projects, as identifiers for the lay clients. But if implemented as a major software then there will always be misunderstandings that occur in the communication between the designer and the client.

What if you are involved in a professional electrical project? You need to invest in software that lets you not only modify electrical symbols but also add intelligence to them. You may have to pay more but you will be satisfied with the results. Smart functionality is the main thing you need in any professional electrical construction project.

Some of the smart functions you should have:

  • Facility to update (automatically) each list of connections between different components
  • Wire numbering
  • Support on some standard electrical functions
  • Facility that allows you to copy quickly
  • Getting a reference signal between the pages
  • Set the reference between the electrical symbols used
  • Send and receive order files automatically
  • Facility to draw connecting lines quickly

Translation of texts related to the world of electricity, a feature that is very important to have especially if you have to do business in other countries.

The component database is needed to save time. You need to use electric CAD because you can change the electrical symbols in your work project. Changes here mean you can incorporate elements of intelligence on them. Not only that, you can also solve any problems at electrical connection points on the work component, something you can not do if you only use regular AutoCAD.

You can download the electrical component database. By using electrical CAD then you can receive the freedom to download free databases of electrical components that often include tens of thousands of numbers and hundreds of related manufacturers. In other words, you can open a great workflow.

What is interesting when you use electric CAD, you can choose a component in the database and in an instant receive a pickmenu that includes various electrical symbols related. You can directly place the electrical symbols on the diagram by transferring them automatically. Electric CAD can automatically populate your list and the era where you have to type the component information one by one has ended.

Incorporate The Power Of Electrical And Mechanical CAD

From the above some explanations we can know that electric CAD is preferable to regular AutoCAD if we are involved in an electrical construction project. However you can combine both in one work device and in this way you can gain both strengths; electricity and mechanics. You can complete your basic schema using only AutoCAD and you can put the rest into the work project by the electrical CAD.

Generally you will draw an electrical image above the AutoCAD file and the electrical information can be stored in PCSCHEMATIC Automation. You may need to make some simple changes but at the very least, you already have the basic schema you have created using AutoCAD.

Once you have completed the specified changes, you can restore the project position to normal working mode while developing more electrical information on the “PCSCHEMATIC worksheet” which will be placed on the surface of the AutoCAD drawing. This way you can save your AutoCAD document inside the PCSCHEMATIC document.

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