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How To Launch Automated Email Campaigns For Improved Marketing Results

Automated email campaigns are excellent tools for marketing professionals to strengthen their advertising efforts. It is becoming an increasingly essential marketing strategy for marketers to communicate with their target audience. Automating these processes saves you time and improves accuracy of delivery. Before you can launch an automated campaign, there are several key steps you must follow. These communications are directly delivered to recipients’ computers or mobile devices, providing the best way to directly reach your customers. Read on to learn how to launch automated email campaigns for improved marketing results.

Develop A Plan

You need to develop a plan to improve your marketing results through automated email campaigns. While automation greatly simplifies the process, email campaigns are greatly complex to operate. Most email marketing services offer packages in several different membership tiers. In order to select the appropriate tier and automated package, you need to evaluate several aspects of your campaign plan. Estimate how large of a mailing list you would like to maintain, how frequently you would like to send communications, and the types of communications you want to send. The first step to plan your automated campaign is to develop your marketing plan.

Design A Schedule

One of the key steps to launching an email campaign is to design your sending schedule. Custom schedule design is one of the key advantages of email automation. Designing your schedules allows you to customize the content, frequency, and format of your automated communications. Most schedules are designed to send an email whenever a new customer joins your mailing list. They may send additional automated messages on the anniversary of customer sign-ups. Most importantly however, you need to automate emails to inform customers whenever you release new website content, launch new products, or offer site-wide promotions. As you plan your automated email campaign, ensure that you design your sending schedule.

Segment Recipients

When you launch an automated email strategy, you need to segment your recipients. Automated campaigns allow you to cast an extremely broad and wide reach in terms of recipients. However, just because they allow you to do this, does not make it the best strategy. The most successful automated campaigns cast a narrow, yet extremely specific net. Email marketing efforts with wide reaches fail to resonate with a large number of users due to their lack of specificity. In order to segment your campaign, consider limiting your messages to a specific location. You can additionally research their recent products, or product category purchased. Segmenting your results makes your communications more direct, improving your click-through rate, and overall marketing results. Ensure that you target users with the needed technology. If you are targeting older generations, they might not have access to a good smartphone or reliable desktop computers.

Personalize Communications

Throughout planning your email campaign, consider a strategy to personalize communications. Personalized email make your messages feel more like a direct communication rather a marketing device. Many companies achieve a level of personalization simply through including customers’ first names. Referring to recipients by their first name reduces formality and adds a personal touch. At the same time, you can refer to a recent customer purchase and ask about their overall satisfaction. Referring to recent purchases makes customers feel as if you are more involved and concerned about their satisfaction. Moreover, you can additionally personalize messages to specific geographic locations. Refer to the performance of a local sports team, mention a nearby attraction, or bring up the weather. Personalize your communications in order to launch your email marketing campaign.

Measure Results

As you plan your automated email marketing campaign, you need to establish a plan to measure your results. For most email campaigns, performance can be measured through a few specific KPIs (key performance indicators). Analyzing KPIs help you understand what aspects of your campaign were successful, and what you can improve on moving forward. The first factor to analyze is your email delivery rate, or how many messages were actually delivered to active inboxes. You should also assess how many times your email was viewed, opened, or clicked-through. Measuring these factors helps you to efficiently calculate your total conversion rate. Measuring your results helps you craft your automated strategy and improve marketing results.

There are several ways for marketing professionals to launch their automated email campaigns. Deploying these strategies are the best ways to directly communicate with users through their smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. In order to launch your campaign, you first need to develop a plan to distribute automated communications. Design your sending schedule and specify the ideal time to send communications. Segment your recipients based on location, industry, or recent purchases. Ensure that you constantly personalize communications to your audience. The final step is to measure your results in order to improve future marketing efforts. Consider the points mentioned above to learn how to launch automated email campaigns for improved marketing results.

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