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5 Advanced Features Of Automatic Call Distribution Software

There are many advanced features of automatic call distribution software. Automatic call distributors (ACD) categorize, schedule, and reroute customer service calls. In fact, ACD software directs incoming calls to the appropriate customer service representative. With ACD systems, call centers can provide fast response time, address customer expectations, and utilize business resources. As a business owner, you should learn the different features of ACD software to equip your company with advanced phone systems. In this article, we’ll cover the advanced features of automatic call distribution software.

Identify VIP Callers

One advanced feature of automatic call distribution software is identifying VIP callers. Inevitably, some callers will have a higher priority status than others. With this in mind, you should provide these callers with prompt, attentive service. In fact, SMS autoresponder software is a similar technology that provides professional attentive services for clients. When these customers call, ACD systems will identify them through the information provided in the client database. This way, priority customers are paired with an agent who is familiar with their purchase history. If a representative is unavailable, the customer will be placed high in the waiting queue. Additionally, ACD software filters blacklisted callers so your VIP customers aren’t waiting behind robo-calls. Surely, identifying VIP callers is one advanced feature of automatic call distribution software.

Optimize Phone Queues

Another advanced feature of automatic call distribution software is phone queue optimization. ACD systems use virtual queuing and differentiated call queues to optimize this process. By implementing virtual queuing, customers simply provide their phone number to receive a call back when it’s their turn. This way, you can decrease customer wait time and ensuing frustration. With differentiated call queues, ACD software can generate multiple queues to transfer calls quickly. For example, you can create separate queues for sales and support. This way, customers get the correct support promptly. When ACD’s are implemented, customers often report a dramatically improved experience. Certainly, optimize phone queues as an advanced feature of ACD software.

Enhance Intelligent Call Routing

Automatic call distribution software also enhances intelligent call routing. As an advanced feature, you can reroute calls based on a specified distribution method. ACD’s minimize customer wait time by redirecting incoming calls to representatives. Additionally, you can program the ACD software to direct calls based on an agent’s skill level. This way, repeat customers are paired with the most experienced representatives. You can also implement simultaneous call distribution so all agents are alerted to new, incoming calls. In fact, you can also implement a call forwarding setup to reroute your incoming calls. Moreover, you can adjust this feature to alert the available agents directly. Definitely, enhance intelligent call routing as another advanced feature of automatic call distribution software.

Simplify Software Integrations

Another advanced feature of ACD software is its integration process simplification. Throughout your business, the ACD system can provide easy integration. You can connect the automatic call distribution software to your preferred business system. This way, you can enhance customer experience by pairing your technology with an efficient rerouting system. Moreover, your agent’s workflow will be optimized with an advanced phone system at your disposal. Plus, most automatic call distribution software is compatible with customer relationship management (CRM) and interactive voice response (IVR) components. Surely, implement system integration as an advanced feature of ACD software.

Enable Agent Desktop

After this, you can enable agent desktops to access advanced automatic call distribution features. Often, ACD vendors come equipped with out-of-the-box desktops agents can use to sync to the software. Advanced ACD desktops will come with omnichannel capabilities. This feature allows customer service representatives to handle several different types of contacts through a single interface. Additionally, agents can personalize customer contacts by accessing interaction history and customer data. Plus, agent desktops can help you outreach customer relationships on a large scale. This way, customers are receiving information that most appeals to them. Definitely, enable agent desktops as an advanced feature of automatic call distribution software.

There are many advanced features of automatic call distribution software. You can identify VIP callers by matching customer data to incoming calls. Then, ACD systems optimize phone queues to shorten customer wait time. Next, the software will enhance intelligent call routing to direct customers to more-skilled agents. Additionally, you can simplify software integrations with automatic call distribution systems. Moreover, enable agent desktops to equip your representatives with the best technology available. Certainly, consider using advanced features of automatic call distribution software.

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