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Award-Winning Clearswift Services To Consider For Ultimate IT Security


Clearswift is an information cyber-security company based in the UK. The company provides threat assessments and data loss prevention tools to businesses. If you just want to protect your gaming laptop, Clearswift is not the solution for you. However, if you are a business owner seeking a boost in IT security, you may want to consider Clearswift. Clearswift offers tools for email security, web security and other critical ways to protect your information. If you are considering Clearswift as a cyber-security option, take a look at some of the recent awards they have won to help make your decision.

The Technology Innovator Award (2015)

In 2015, Clearswift won a Technology Innovator Award for having the Best DLP Solution. DLP stands for Data Loss Prevention. This award shows the competence and dedication of Clearswift in providing you with excellent security service. Clearswift’s work in Adaptive Data Loss Prevention involves providing you with a non-disruptive solution to security threats. They protect your financial information and sensitive data. This is done through a series of applications and their Critical Information Protection Management Software. The company’s success in the Data Loss Prevention field shows how useful they can be for your company.

The Global Product And Services Award (2015)

Clearswift was awarded the Best Email Security Solution award during the Global Product and Services Awards. They have been a world leader in email security for over a decade. Today, Clearswift continues to do their job with excellence. They are dedicated to protecting you from the smallest of threats to the most sophisticated attacks. The company’s email security includes a secure email gateway, cloud protection and their latest ARgon for Email technology. ARgon for Email automatically removes sensitive data and any hidden malware as it passes to and from the company network. If you want to be sure that your emails are as safe as your finance apps, Clearswift may be the right choice for you.

Global Excellence Awards (2015)

Clearswift was a nominee and finalist for several awards during the Info Security Products Guide in 2015. Among their accomplishments, they received the Global Excellence Gold for Customer Service Department of the Year. Cyber-security is more than just programs and binary. There are people behind these technological innovations that are there to help. Whether you need help troubleshooting or deciding upon the right security measures for your business, Clearswift is undoubtedly a good choice.

Global Excellence Awards (2016)

In 2016, Clearswift was again praised and awarded at the Global Excellence Awards in the Info Security Products Guide. They walked away with two Global Excellence Gold Awards. Clearswift won for the Best New Product or Service Announcement. They also won an award for Companies With Tomorrow’s Technology Today For ADLP. These awards show that Clearswift is consistent in providing excellent products and services. The company is constantly striving to develop new and better ways to protect your business. Remember this point if you are considering Clearswift as your cyber-security solution.

Clearswift Services

The awards mentioned above were given to many different services provided by Clearswift. If you want to make use of these award-winning Clearswift services to protect your very hackable and breakable technology, consider the solutions they offer in these fields:

  • Adaptive Redaction
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Cloud Email Security

Whether you are looking to re-format your business to ensure you comply with the EU General Data Protection regulations or you just what to prevent malware before it starts with identity theft protection, Clearswift has an incredible array of solutions for your business to take advantage of.

Recent Acquisition

Clearswift was just acquired by a top Swiss aerospace and defense firm, RUAG, from the previous private owner, Lyceum Capital. The acquisition was announced in December of 2016. However, the financial details were kept under wraps. The defense firm hopes that the combination of their existing network defense with the data loss prevent and gateway solutions offered by Clearswift will help to make RUAG a leader cyber security specialist. Only time will tell, so you should definitely watch this space to see how this affects business performance for the aerospace firm.

If you are looking for a cyber-security company that is versatile and dedicated, Clearswift is an excellent choice to provide additional protection beyond simple authentication sites. With their many deserved awards, Clearswift consistently proves that they are making strides in cyber-security. To get the best protection for your business, consider Clearswift.

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