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Background Check Software Features To Choose The Right Solution

If you are a small business owner, you should be requiring background checks of all potential employees. This should not be an area of business that you skimp on. Background checks have a ton of advantages for business owners. However, there are a ton of background check software solutions to consider using. Thankfully, we have made your search easier. Make sure you consider all of these areas when deciding on the best background check software for your business needs.

Reporting Capabilities

You want your background check solutions to offer you the added benefit of providing detailed reports on your background checks. These reporting features are useful to innovation managers. They allow business owners the ability to see what background check turnaround time is. This allows you to determine whether or not your background check company is costing you more money than they are worth. Make sure any background check services you consider feature comprehensive reporting abilities.

User Support

User support and customer service is the defining element that sets some background check companies apart from others. You want to be certain that any employment background screening services you use offer 24/7 support through multiple channels. At the very least, make sure the companies you consider offer customer service support hours that align with your business hours. Otherwise, your hands may be tied if something goes wrong with the background screening.

FCRA Compliant

FCRA compliance is a non-negotiable feature for small business owners. Business liability is a serious thing even with an international team. Make sure your business uses a service that is FCRA compliant. The FCRA, or Fair Credit Reporting Act, has a specific set of requirements that ensure the legality of any employment background checks. You do not want to have to worry. Be certain your background check software solution meets FCRA compliance.

Background Check Types

Business owners must also consider the types of background checks a particular background check software makes available. Background checks offered by each company vary. Some background checks include education verification reports. Others include drug tests and more. Make sure you only consider the background check services that include the services you deem a priority for your employment screenings.


Obviously, you will need to consider pricing when deciding on the best background check software for your business. It is not just as simple as choosing the lowest price like Dropbox pricing. Pricing models different for various background screening services. Some services may require you to pay for each individual background check. Others may operate with a monthly subscription pricing model. Other background check software may allow you to pay one flat fee for bulk background checks. Consider the needs of your business and determine your budget. Then, you can select the background check solution that fits into your business budget.

Small businesses should be careful of hiring just anyone from off the street. That is why employment background checks and drug screenings are becoming so popular. You probably are familiar with the process of employee drug screenings. However, there are many different options available when trying to select the best background check service. Thankfully, we compiled this list above to simplify your search for the best background check software for your business. Make sure you consider the factors above, and you are sure to pick a background check solution that fits your business best.

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