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How Much Bandwidth Do I Need For My Business?

We need to understand first what bandwidth is, so we can find out how much of it is required. “Bandwidth” is a regularly used terminology while describing the speed of the network. Though, bandwidth may not measure the speed of data transmission via the network connection. Instead, bandwidth does measure the amount of data that can move across the network in a specific amount of time. The impact of bandwidth on the performance of the network is subjected to the number of connected and active devices to the same network. This greatly impacts operations across phones, computers, and internet of things connected devices. The more the devices actively connected through the same Internet the more the data is essential to be available at any particular time.

In case you aren’t certain whether you’re calculating it right or not, or what you calculated doesn’t give the impression of being right, you can try organizing the business tasks in this manner:

  • The average-sized business that has more or less 10 employees, uses frequent email and web browsing only can likely get by with 5 to 10 Mbps.
  • Any small business that uses conferencing services and/or VoIP phone services should get a minimum of 25 Mbps.
  • Any regular business that requires download uses file sharing, enormous content, hybrid cloud computing or web-based apps, or backup and programs services would need no less than 50 Mbps.

Number Of Users

Reports show that in the US, small businesses hardly have ten working employees. It means the business owner doesn’t have to purchase a high-speed internet plan usually. You all might not know that internet speed varies with the number of employees you have. The more people use the internet, the more internet speed you’ll need for your business. Otherwise, it can affect the productivity and quality of work and can cause delays as well due to disruption. We would recommend you should check CenturyLink internet for your business and talk to their customer service and compare other options on the market. Internet speed decreases as a number of user increase. Business internet is the same as residential internet, but with a significant difference in speed and data restrictions. To ensure every employee enjoys the best internet experience, you have to buy business internet to set aside a speed of 10 to 15 Mbps per employee.

Number Of Devices Connected

You can relate this point with the above one, but with a slight difference to comprehend. The number of users here indicates the number of employees using the internet at that time. Whereas, connected devices indicate the devices you regularly use for business-related activities. Of course, the devices would be connected to the internet regardless of the fact if someone is using them or not. Devices here not only include computers in your office but also include other gadgets which could include good smartphones, laptops, gadgets, for your employees. In this case, one person can use the internet on two devices (pc and mobile). So ensure to keep these factors in mind while deciding the bandwidth for your business.

Online Activity

You can’t ignore this point when selecting internet bandwidth for your business. Also, don’t worry about the peak internet usage because it is usually the time from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am. Offices usually close by 6 pm but it all depends on the nature of your business and internet consumption. Using the internet for basic tasks including sending and receiving emails or SMS messages won’t take much of your internet bandwidth. These simple tasks are what every business performs. But then again nowadays, a business can’t run without doing complex tasks that includ video calling, online seminars, conferences, and data backup, downloading data frequently, and much more. These tasks will consume more bandwidth depending on the size of the files.

Use A Bandwidth Calculator

Of course, you can always use a bandwidth calculator to effectively determine your requirements. These calculators readily analyze your online activity, number of connected devices, and users to determine how much your business needs. This way, you can calculate the ideal speed for your daily business operations. Certainly, using a bandwidth calculator is a great way to determine your internet speed requirements.

It all comes down to identifying your business requirement, nature of business, number of employees, online activities, and what tasks will be regularly performed with the business internet. This will ensure you get the best bandwidth for your business internet that won’t affect the workflow of your business. For your information, a business internet connection is usually priced higher than residential internet service. However, you should check the updated prices with customer support first before placing the order.

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