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How To Create Banner Advertising That Works For Your Business

There are various ways to create banner advertising that works for your business. Over the last year, digital advertising has generated a revenue of almost $140 billion. Industries around the world are implementing image-based banner ads to promote their brand and entice new customers. In fact, most businesses are adding colorful brand specific designs to attract visitors from host websites onto the advertisement website. As a business owner, consider integrating online display advertising to improve brand awareness, produce leads and re-target customers. Read on to discover how to create effective banner advertising that works for your business.

Implement A CTA

First, you need to implement a call-to-action (CTA) when creating an effective banner advertisement. Incorporate a CTA that invites likely buyers to click on the digital ad. For example, include a catchy CTA on a bright, eye-catching banner that directs your target audience towards your site. Integrate keywords, such as award-winning or support, to increase your on site SEO and improve the chance of browser interactions. Of course, link your banner to your product page or landing page to increase brand awareness and site traffic. As a result, prospects can learn more about your business, inventory and services. Certainly, the first step in creating an effective banner ad is implementing an attractive call-to-action.

Select A Color Scheme

Secondly, you can make effective banner advertising by selecting a color scheme. Choose colors that represent the emotion of your brand. For example, if you want to express the trust, intellect and safety of your business, consider including different shades of blue. Or, if you are selling men’s cologne, think about incorporating shades of brown to display seriousness, nature and toughness. On the other hand, if you are running a new born photography company, your banner should include white to represent simplicity, purity and innocence. Certainly, choose a color that speaks to you and explains the purpose of your brand. Definitely select an effective color scheme to create a successful banner ad.

Design Your Banner

Next, design your banner with graphics and images to create an effective ad. Graphics can help make your advertisement more attractive and noticeable. Of course, review your brand’s purpose and goal. Then, choose images that are relevant to your brand. If needed, you can convert your images to PDFs for universal file viewing. For example, if you run a dog walking business, you can include an image of a cute puppy, happily running. Or, if you own a car dealership, you can integrate graphics of the latest car models in your inventory. Certainly, add high-quality and professional graphics to your banner to establish an effective advertisement.

Pick A Banner Size

Of course, you can create an effective advertisement by picking a functional banner size. First, choose a banner size that works with various websites. You can pick a medium rectangle size of 300×250 or a leaderboard size of 728×90. Also, you can select a 320×50 mobile leaderboard or a 160×600 wide skyscraper. After selecting your ad size, lay out your design. Reserve about two-thirds of the banner for graphics and main value propositions. Then, use the other one-third for your primary call-to-action. Surely, create an effective digital banner by picking a sound banner size.

Place Your Ad Correctly

The final step in creating an effective banner is placing your advertisement correctly. Purchase open space on various websites to feature your banner. Therefore, your ad will be displayed for hundreds of thousands of prospective customers. Of course, the location of your ad highly influences your clicks-per-view percentage. When designing your banner, consider using filler text to avoid messing up your CTA. For example, consider implementing a leaderboard ad to have site viewers see your banner immediately due to its top-of-the-page positioning. Or, you can generate a skyscraper ad that is placed on the side of the site page and stretches from top to bottom. As a result, customers are exposed to your business longer, which produces greater brand awareness. Certainly, create an effective banner by placing your advertisement correctly. 

There are several steps to follow when creating effective digital banner advertising that works for your website. First, implement a call-to-action that attracts prospective customers and incites host site users to click on your ad. Secondly, select a color scheme that represents the emotions of your brand, such as red for passion and excitement or black for prestige and power. Next, design your banner with graphics to make your ad more attractive and impressive to potential customers. Of course, pick a banner size that will productively display your advertisement and showcase your brand. Finally, place your banner in an ideal location such as at the top of a page with a leaderboard layout or on the side of the site with a skyscraper design. Follow the steps above to create effective digital banner advertising that works for your business.

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