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Media Monitoring Solutions Simplify Marketing Measurements Collection

Media-MonitoringLet’s face it, the media industry is exploding. There’s content flying everywhere. Most people, don’t even have time to read all the emails that get jammed into their inboxes every day. So, how do you keep track of your media? As individuals, we tend to track our personal accounts and people we know. However, companies that need to know how to track media mentions at a larger level need more robust solutions.

There are many media tracking options for companies in all industries. It’s very important to be able to track all your mentions. With the right software, you’ll see, read and hear all of the places where your company is being mentioned:

  • online channels
  • on the air (TV and radio)
  • traditional print

How Does It Work?

Social media monitoring tools all work in similar ways. This software works by crawling sites constantly. The software then indexes the info gained from these crawls. Then, the media monitoring software makes the information available via a search feature within the program. But what else can this software do in terms of impacting business?

Media Tracking Software Improves Marketing

Media tracking software helps companies measure public relations or marketing campaigns. They help you engage with your audience, create more followers and overall brand awareness. This was certainly true for Apple watch sales. By having the proper tools in place, meaning the right software, your company can actually improve its efforts dramatically.

One Software Can Do It All

There are so many media outlets. Will one software really be able to do it all? Sort of. Full services media monitoring providers have tremendous reach. They can help you monitor over 200,000 outlets, resources, publications, blogs and more.

Better Connect With Your Customers

The power of technology to monitor all of these channels helps all companies connect better with their customers. It does take and investment of time, capital and energy. However, your rewards can heavily outweigh the benefits, without having to worry about custom software development.

Great For Brand Management

Put simply, media monitoring software is great for brand management. They help companies and consumers alike. Without the proper tracking software, you could be missing out on a large piece of your customer interaction.

What About Social Media?

In today’s constantly connected world, a business’ social media presence can have an incredible impact on performance, just as it did for Skoool. Thankfully, social media monitoring is possible through similar media monitoring software. This is an important factor to consider when deciding upon a media monitoring solution to improve your marketing efforts. Software to track media mentions of your business should certainly include social media. Be sure your software solution includes these features.

Do you currently monitor your brand online? Are you measuring and tracking results? We would love to hear about your experiences with related software and services below.

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