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Benefits Of A Static IP Buy On Streamlined Business Operations

Business owners of all technical abilities can benefit from paying for a static IP address. But, how are you supposed to know this if you hardly know the difference between a static IP address and a dynamic IP address? You may not want to be parted from your hard earned money for something that you have no understanding of. Here are the five reasons why a static IP buy will provide a great return on investment for many years to come.

Remote Work Opportunities

Buying a static IP address makes it much easier for employees to work remotely. This is a considerable advantage static IP addresses have over their dynamic counterparts. Without a static IP address, you do not have the benefit of being able to access your PC from anywhere and everywhere. Remote work capabilities are incredibly important to today’s workforce, so this will also help with employee retention. This is certainly one of the most notable static IP buy benefits for business owners.

Business Website Access

Without a static IP address, your business website may be unable to respond to queries for your domain name. This sort of makes having a business website useless. It is your job, as the business owner, to ensure that customers can access your website when they enter your domain name into their browser. Buying a static IP address is the only way to do this. All the free online traffic in the world is useless if your website is inaccessible. This is an advantage you can easily gain over other business owners with dynamic IP addresses.

Simplified File Transfers

If your business transfers large files and folders frequently, buy a static IP address. Static IPs make it possible to host your own file or FTP server. This way, suppliers, clients or whoever else sends you files can always connect to your file transfer server. This is a huge benefit of static IP buys for businesses who are constantly sharing large amounts of data from different locations.

Better Communications

Paying for a static IP address is worth it because it offers you better VoIP communications. With a static address, VoIP services will be much more reliable. Many businesses shy away from VoIP communications because they are afraid they will perform poorly. However, with a static IP address for the business, this is a nonissue. Your business can benefit from cheaper telecommunications with consistent, reliable VoIP from VoIPLINK or any other provider. This is a benefit you will not experience with a dynamic IP address.

Less Downtime

Less downtime is always a great thing for business. With a dynamic IP address, you may experience server downtime whenever your IP address is refreshed. However, this is something you do not have to worry about with a static IP buy. Make sure you consider this when deciding whether a static IP address is worth the money for your business.

If you own your own business, you do not have to be a tech genius to experience the advantages of a static IP buy, unlike big data analytics. It is certainly something that is worth the added expense when you consider all the ways it can benefit your business. Consider the reasons above when you are trying to decide whether or not to buy a static IP address. You are sure to be pleased with the benefits you get to experience over the less convenient dynamic IP address.

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