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Best Text Animation Tools To Use For Creating CSS Text Effects That Wow

Okay, so text can not actually sing. You would just have to animate it and put a music background. It would require some imagination and tweaking, but would look pretty cool. That is why most people love creating and editing videos, it is cool and entertaining. Also, ever increasing internet speeds make it easy to share your work with the world.


But, you are not sure where to get started. What is the best text animation software? Are you looking for the right tools? What do the pros use? Do not worry, the following are two main software solutions.

Most Popular Text Animation Tools

To have 3D or 2D text animation, you can use a simple program like power point (on Microsoft Office) or iMove (on Apple iWork). You can also use professional video editor packages like Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere. Obviously, the enterprise video software are used mostly by the pros. They give you additional flexibility for animation and file formats, including avi, mov, mp4, m2t and more.


If you are not an experienced developer and lack coding experience, you are going to need a tool that provides a little bit more help than those mentioned above. That is where TextAnim comes to the rescue. This website offers an easy way to create text animations. Using an animated text generator, you can simply type in the text you want to animate, select a font type and size, background color, direction, shadow and movement delay. Then, select from a bunch of different colors and effects and hit generate. That is how simple it is to generate text animations. Use TextAnim or another animated text generator if you do not have much coding experience.

Best Software To Choose

Your software choice depends mostly on your editing needs. Obviously, you are going to need a different software for icon design than you would to create text animations. If you are using this as a quick one off job, you might want to even considering a free-online web based animation tool. You will not get the best quality, but it costs next to nothing (excluding your time to probably sign up to download your work). If you will be animating text once in a while, and have a expectation for quality, you can use office tools like the ones mentioned above. Finally, if you plan on animating videos for business or to earn a living, then you may want to consider enterprise video editors (like the ones mentioned above). Although they tend to have a large learning curve, they have free trials to help you get started.

Try Animating In All Programs

Once you have chosen the best animation software for your needs, you can get editing. In each category, free, standard and enterprise, you have several options. It is best to try them all out to see what works best for your needs. The best software is the one that lets you produce your best work. In case you do not agree, the video gurus even have different preferences. That should tell you that once you get to a certain point, it is about your skills, not just the software.

CSS Text Animation Effects That Wow

With CSS, you can create beautiful text animations for your digital media marketing that will wow your readers and viewers. There are plenty of awesome examples out there on the web. However, it is important to note that some may have enlisted the help of a bit of Javascript. If you want to see these animations in effect, a quick search for these animated texts will have you wanting to give CSS text animation a try.

  • Slash Effect Text
  • Shadow Effect Text
  • Flashing Effect Text
  • Hiding Effect Text

When you see these text effects, you are going to be inspired. Or, you may just want to use these examples for your own Adobe Bridge project. Just remember to be creative and have fun!

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