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7 Best Antivirus 2016 To Protect Your Computer From Malware For Free


Antivirus software is a class of programs designed to protect your computer from malware and viruses through prevention and detection. Although the name only features one kind of malware – the virus – many antivirus software today can secure your computer against a myriad of digital attacks. However, these attacks continue to evolve due to the rise of digitalization; so must your protection software. For an overview of the most powerful, up-to-date antivirus software of 2016, check out the list below.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus is one of the best free antivirus solutions available today. The Panda Cloud antivirus software makes use of a cloud-based scanner. However, it is also possible to use the software running on a local cache when a network is unavailable. Panda Cloud features phishing protection and rootkit blocking to protect you from even the most believable email scams. In addition, the service provides on-demand malware scans, on-access malware scans and malicious URL blocking. If you want one of the most comprehensive antivirus software available for free, Panda Cloud may be it.


McAfee, now owned by Intel, provides a wide range of options to its users. Their entry-level security suite provides all of the basic protection you need for your household device. Additionally, they have enterprise suites and antivirus software made specifically for small businesses. Big or small, McAfee can protect your computer system. The same cannot be said for other options, like Yesware Chrome. Customer support for Mac users is minimal compared to that of a PC. However, if you own a PC, McAfee is without a doubt one of the best antivirus software of 2016.


F-Secure Antivirus software is a basic security software for users that do not need all the frills, like added cloud security. If you just want a basic antivirus and browsing protection solution, this is the one for you. The software is fast and easy to use. However, it is also prone to false positives. This may be a deterrent to some users. If you just want a basic and easy to use software, do not let that deter you. F-Secure is the simplest antivirus software on the market today.


Norton is an antivirus software that has stood the test of time. Developed in 1991, Norton security suites are still wildly popular today, often offered with many desktop computer deals. Norton will help to enhance security on your Mac or PC. Additionally, the latest version of Norton antivirus software comes equipped with new tools to help consumers navigate new security problems that are arising. This antivirus program is designed to warn users against social media scams and suspicious content. Norton is definitely a top 2016 antivirus software that continues to impress and adapt every year.


BitDefender is widely accepted to be the best antivirus software for Mac. However, the software does not focus on just one type of computer. BitDefender is compatible with all systems, and it protects each one against threats of all kinds. This is super important in a time rive with cybercrime. BitDefender for Mac helps to repel malware designed to hit both Mac and PCs, so you never have to worry about something slipping through the cracks. The autopilot feature also allows users to forget that they even have a security system installed. BitDefender is one of the best antivirus programs of 2016 because it offers constant protection for all types of computer systems.


Webroot is another top antivirus program that goes above and beyond the average security measures like 2 factor authentication. Webroot offers protection for PCs, Macs, phones and tablets. All of this for a relatively inexpensive yearly subscription. Although it is cheaper than its competitors, Webroot still packs a punch. Its focus on unobtrusive security means that you can enjoy quick security scans that will not interrupt your day-to-day activities. Webroot is also designed to take up a fraction of the space that normal antivirus software requires on your computer, all while offering great protection from malware.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017 software is one of the best antivirus software of this year and next. The $40 price tag is a bit steeper than traditional McAfee software however, it is certainly worth it. Kaspersky antivirus offers on-demand malware scans, like every other software on this list. In addition, they offer on-access malware scans as well as useful features for website rating, nonrepudiation, malicious URL blocking, phishing protection, behavior-based detection. Kaspersky also provides vulnerability scans, so you can assess your risk to make improvements to computer security. If you do not mind paying a bit more, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017 is a great antivirus solution.

Antivirus software is essential to keeping any computer safe from attackers, especially in this age of cyber terrorism. Each year, new security measures are made available. However, when it comes to security it is important to focus on what works rather than what is newer or cheaper. The antivirus software programs listed above are proven to be the best antivirus software of 2016.

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