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5 Best Banner Ad Creator Software Criteria For Designers

When creating new media, having the right tools are essential. You can spend hours working on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or any of the adobe audition CS6 programs. In order to get a lot of designs completed quickly, you should consider using banner ad creator software. Depending on your needs, these programs can create ads and banners that are quick, easy and very professional. To help you choose the right banner ad creator, here are the best criteria to look for.

Offline Vs Online Software

Especially in today’s digital industry, almost every software is available on the cloud. However, some designers prefer to have their work stored locally. In this case, you will have to decide between online banner ad creators and offline design software. Similar to Microsoft Office Online, there are many options for banner ad software that allow you to work either online, offline or both. If you do decide to choose a cloud software provider, take the time to ensure that your work is stored securely. Designers should certainly look at the banner ad software’s ability to work with or without a fast speed internet connection.

Banner Design Templates

Next, many different banner ad creators will provide you with professional looking templates. Typically, the templates come in 6-20 different sizes. These formats are compatible with the most popular ad sizes as well as many social media banner sizes. In fact, you can create banner formats that print on canvas too. Some banner creators will also automatically generate your banner design into several other sizes and format. With a good selection of templates, you will have the right design for every aspect ratio or banner size.

Flash And Static Banners

To find the best banner ad creator software, the app should support both animated and static banners. Of course, clients will have requirements for moving banners as well as regular image ads. In order to meet their needs, you ad creator software should support all formats including SWF, HTML, GIF, JPG, PNG and others. If you have a good software that can export to any file format, you will save yourself time and energy down the road. Take the time to research the creator software file compatibility. You will be happy you did when you don’t have to convert every banner ad design into various file formats daily.

No Coding Required

Even if you know how to code in HTML5, the best banner ad creators allow you to design without any coding required. While you can still go into the code and make adjustments, the easy user interface lets you design more ads and banners in less time. Rather, you simply upload images or graphics. Then, you can complete your design in a Flash version, HTML5 or even an iFrame. Undoubtedly, banner ad creators that have no coding required are a great benefit to experienced and novice designers.

Banner Ad Creator Cost

Surely, you will have to look at cost as a criteria of banner ad software. Whether you have a large or small budget, consider how long you are going to need the software. If you plan to use the program for years, then you might not want to commit to a monthly subscription. By contrast, you might buy an lifetime license with one upfront cost. Or, you can purchase a yearly license that will have a much better discount to it. Then, take into account all the features and usability your top choice offers. If you can justify the added benefit, than it might be worthwhile to go for the added cost.

The best banner ad creator software have all of these features. You can work online or offline, build on dozens of templates and choose between static vs flash banners. Moreover, the required coding skills and costs could play a major factor in your decision. Whichever banner ad creator you decide on, make sure that it allows you to create your best work while being highly productive.

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