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Exciting Bumptop Software Features To Make Your 3D Desktop A Reality


BumpTop is a desktop environment app that enhances a desktop and makes it appear as a 3D work desk. The custom software development app was created in 2009 as a masters thesis. It was then bought by Google two years later. This technology’s history gets even more interesting because Google has since stopped maintaining it. However, BumpTop is still available. In this post, technology enthusiasts interested in BumpTop can learn five of the app’s exciting features.


One of the most exciting Bumptop features is the software’s compatibility. The Bumptop software is compatible with all the major operating systems, unlike the Prime95 download. Bumptop is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows. No matter what system you use, you can experience a 3D desktop of your dreams.


One of the best features of BumpTop is its organization capabilities. BumpTop mirrors a work desk and allows users to organize desktop files into piles. Just like everyone has their own organization systems at work with free FTP software, you can create your own organized piles with BumpTop. You can also stick files onto your walls, as you would pin something up at work. It really allows users to make their computer desktops more organized as it creates more places to put files. The organizational capabilities is one of the great features of BumpTop.


BumpTop would not be as successful as it is without its superior graphics. As you pick a file up on the app, it twists like a piece of paper. As you put the file back down, it settles. You can also rotate your screen by clicking the walls. For those who categorize files by which wall it is on, this can be used as another organization tool. Icons can also be resized depending on your customization and use 3D text animation. BumpTop’s incredible graphics and unique interface are some of the best features of the app.


For those who need reminders at their work desks, Post-its are a frequently used option. BumpTop recreates this by allowing users to write on virtual Post-its. Unlike with Stickies, you are unable to control the font or font size. However, you can drag and resize the Post-its. The inability to change the font is only a minor drawback. Your Post-its are now on a 3D screen! The ability to write virtual 3D reminders is another great feature of BumpTop.

Framed Photos

A common way that people personalize their work desks is with framed photos. BumpTop mirrors this through its Twitter and Facebook capabilities. The app allows you to drag and drop pictures from your social media accounts and frame them on your walls. You are also able to resize your photos, just like in Mozilla Webmaker. If you do not want to take a picture from social media, you can frame photos from your hard drive or Flickr. Framed photos is an exciting feature available on BumpTop for customization purposes.


The amount of themes to choose from is arguably the most exciting feature of BumpTop. Many themes are available, which is much better than the offerings from Soundwire. From Mario Brothers and Grand Theft Auto to more zen, relaxing themes, you are sure to find one that appeals to you. However, since BumpTop is no longer maintained, it is not certain that a downloaded theme will work. For technology enthusiasts, they are still an interesting catalogue to browse through. The amount of themes created by BumpTop users are one of the app’s exciting features.

Multi-Touch Gestures

Next, BumpTop is improving the 3D desktop experience by adding touch. Users can make several gestures to drive around their desktop that is inspired by real desks. This is like a mainstream approach to introduce everyday users to virtual reality, starting with the desktop. With the evolution of touch display phones, tablets and laptops, this could be an exciting time for the open source project just like the Mozilla Webmaker project.

New Bumptop

If you are curious about the new BumpTop experience and how it is affected by touch capabilities, you can do do just that. Visiting the BumpTop website allows you a first-hand look at all the ways you can manipulate your 3D desktop using touch features and the Picsart app. This 3D physics desktop experience is now available for download as well, if you decide you like what you see. Visit the BumpTop website to learn about these new touch features, and maybe you will decide to download the software to try it out for yourself.

BumpTop is an app with an interesting history. Two years after its birth, the app was bought by Google. However, Google stopped BumpTop maintenance. Although not really talked about anymore, BumpTop is still available for download for your all in one PC. It is a helpful and fun tool for those who know about it. BumpTop provides excellent features for organization, graphics and simplicity of use. Although not every technology enthusiast would want to download an app that is no longer maintained, it is still a rich piece of technology to discover.

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