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5 Best Call Tracking Software Features To Integrate With CRM Platforms

There are several best call tracking software features to integrate with CRM platforms. Many businesses use call tracking software with their CRM solutions to conduct business over the phone. In fact, these companies can use the different built-in call tracking features to collect analytics on their CRM. Then, they can use the call data to measure the success of their business, marketing and sales efforts. As a business owner, you should familiarize yourself with different call tracking features that you can attribute to your business practices and campaigns. Read on to learn about the best call tracking software features to integrate with CRM platforms.

Location-Based Monitoring

First, location-based tracking is one of the best software features to integrate with your CRM platform. Use geolocation software services to conduct location-driven marketing campaigns, business activities and customer service. With this functionality, you can attribute your ROI to the correct marketing strategies and materials that spur your calls. Plus, integrate this feature with business automations to redirect your calls based on location. After all, this location-based geographic feature can improve your customer relations and services with a more personalized experience. Surely, one of the best features to integrate with your CRM platforms is location-based monitoring.

Visitor Tracking

Next, visitor tracking is another software feature you can integrate with your CRM platforms. Visitor tracking features flag specific keywords throughout your business calls. You can set your software to flag your program’s name whenever you release new product versions, integrations or updates. This way, you can pinpoint certain questions or concerns your customers might have regrading your products. Plus, visitor tracking features help improve business relationships with notable clients, partners, and vendors as well. More so, you can use keywords regarding your products’ features so your sales team can prepare the correct collateral for their business phone calls. For sure, you should integrate visitor tracking features with your current CRM platforms.

Customer Recovery

In addition, customer recovery is another call tracking features you can use with your CRM platforms. You can receive automatic alerts whenever potential customers hang up without completing a purchase. In addition, these alerts can also tell you when calls fail to meet your customer service standards. This way, you’ll find out each time a customer doesn’t get an answer to a question, or an agent fails to provide help. With these updates, you can immediately react to customers service issues or emergencies. After all, this informative feature can help you save more sales opportunities and boost your CRM practices. You should also consider investing in customer service AI bots to improve recovery rates throughout your business. In short, the call tracking customer recovery features can integrate with your CRM platforms.

Real Time Reporting

More so, the call tracking real time reporting features can also integrate with your CRM solutions. This feature updates your CRM dashboards in real time whenever new leads are available. You can even receive lead notifications via your messaging applications to answer questions or start new conversations with customers. Or, send lead notifications via email to instantly view contact information, time of submission and a link to the call’s recording. You can also access all of your new lead data through your APIs in real time, as well. Plus, export your lead dashboards instantly to spreadsheets or other CRM software for analysis. Definitely, use the call tracking real time reporting features with your current CRM platforms.

Lead Attribution And Reporting

Furthermore, you can also integrate your CRM applications with lead attribution and reporting features from your call tracking solution. With these lead reports, you can see which marketing sources are driving qualified leads to your company. You can also determine which specific points of your customer experience cause these leads to come through. If you know which CRM funnels bring significant leads returns, you can use the knowledge to shape your future business intelligence CRM efforts. Of course, you can also create different milestones based on your CRM practice sales funnels. Certainly, call tracking lead attribution and reporting features can integrate with your CRM platforms.

There are several best call tracking software features to integrate with CRM platforms. First, you can use location-based monitoring to conduct CRM activities based on your customers’ geolocations. Next, integrate visitor tracking to flag keywords throughout phone interactions. You can also use customer recovery features to receive automatic alerts regarding your customers’ experiences. With real time reporting features, you can get up-to-date data on your new leads immediately. Furthermore, consider the lead attribution and reporting integration to see which marketing campaigns drive most of your new leads. These are the best call tracking software features to integrate with CRM platforms.

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