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5 Best Company Explainer Video Elements For Marketing

The current consumer trends suggest that video is the future of online marketing. At the forefront of this trend is the company explainer video. An explainer video is an online marketing tool that offers a short presentation of a product or service. They provide a simple way for companies to help their target audience understand the message and value of their products. At around 45-90 seconds each, they do so in an efficient way that keeps the consumer engaged and entertained throughout. If you are a marketing professional who wants to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, consider the following successful explainer video elements.

Offer A Solution To Their Problem

A successful company explainer video addresses a problem your customers are having and tell them why your product or service is the answer. It is an opportunity to explain to the audience your product’s benefits over the existing alternatives. In the beginning explainer video, present a consumer problem and introduce the solution that you company offers. Continue by elaborating on the way that your promotional product works to alleviate this consumer problem and end on a call to action. If your explainer video presents a problem and offers your company’s viable solution, you create a consumer need for your product or service.

Showcase Your Product In Action

An explainer video is an opportunity to showcase your product or service in action. Engage your audience by showing them outright in an interesting and practical way what your product does and how it does it. Captivate them by presenting it in an interesting and practical way. Remove buyer uncertainty by showing them exactly what they will get for their money. When you showcase your product or service in action during an explainer video, you push your target audience towards purchase.

Tell A Story About A Customer

Storytelling is another important element of company explainer videos as sales tools. When you tell a story in your video, you appeal to the audience’s emotions by communicating with their desires. This leads them to purchase, which is the ultimate goal. The explainer video is an opportunity to showcase a buyer’s journey through a compelling narrative. Use the setting, characters, and plot of your video to communicate contextual details to a tailored audience. Be sure to represent the customers’ perspective, establish the right tone, and cater to your audience’s needs. Incorporating a narrative thread makes viewers more likely to remember your video and want to use your product or service for themselves.

Keep Your Script Simple

Successful explainer video scripts use well-written, simple language to deliver their message to the audience. Stay away from industry jargon and stick to content details that are short, basic, and simple. Assume the viewer has a short attention span and present concise points and easily digestible concepts. Align with video’s tone with your company’s values and branding materials. Then, use concise language that accurately represent your mission and organization. Stick to a simple script to find success in marketing your company explainer video.

Boost Creative Value With Animation

An explainer video allows you to incorporate creative design into marketing material. Animated videos use eye-catching videos, snappy animations, and narrative audio to engage the consumer. Animation is the most popular format for explaining intangible products like software. If your service offers few physical objects, the animation allows you to simplify explanations in a creative way. Whiteboard animation, also known as whiteboarding, is classic style option for this purpose. Additional options include silhouette, motion graphic and cartoon animation styles. You can also add in animated features to a live action explainer video for illustrative purposes. Creating an animated explainer video is a great way to clarify complex processes and add artistic value your explainer video.

Explainer videos are the future of marketing campaign strategy. With the right elements, they successfully inform and appeal to the audience in an engaging and lively way. Use your video to offer your solution to a consumer problem. Remember that successful marketing material should show rather than tell. When it comes to the script, keep it simple and use plain language for audience understanding. Bolster the creative value of your video by using animation and be sure that you are telling a relatable story that resonates with consumers. Remember to utilize these essential elements if you are incorporating explainer videos into your marketing strategy.

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