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Cheap Computer Repair Services For All Devices And Operating Systems

Whether it is a slow start up or full-blown virus on the computer, your system needs repairing. You are not the most tech savvy person in the world. Your first instinct is to use your slow internet speed (or whatever you have working) to search online for solutions.

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You will probably find everything ranging from small computer repair services, corporate shops and repair software. But, with all the options to choose from, how to do you know what is best? Obviously, you do not want to spend more than you have to, but you also do not want to wait a couple weeks to have your computer working.

Here are the 10 best solutions for computer repair (ordered from best to worst). We will start with the options that are the fastest and cheapest (or free), then get into more complex and simple solutions. Of all the repair options available, do not miss the first one. It is the most important solution for anyone using technology. Basically, everyone.

There are typically three types of categories for computer repairs. They include desktops, laptops and tablets. Then, they break down into PC or Mac operating systems. Most services will specialize in Microsoft or Apple.

Fix It Yourself

This is the best computer repair solution. Even if you are not an advanced tech person, I am willing to bet that you know how to Google a question. After all, you did find this digital technology website. So, give yourself more credit.

The Advantages

The advantages to fixing your own computer are tremendous. First, you learn more about computer Technology and operating systems while trying to fix the problem. Secondly, you continue to practice your problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. These are both helpful in the long run. Lastly, solving your own computer problems empowers you to solve more tech hiccups in the future.

How To DIY A Computer Repair

But, how can you repair a computer if you are not a technology person? Going back to our Google reference, simply start by searching online for your problem. If you have an error, copy and paste it directly into the search box. If you can not boot a system, type in “computer will not boot” or a probable solution. Similarly, if the computer has a hardware issue, try searching for the device and known problems.

As long as your computer is not an Enterprise Dell Supercomputer Sever HPC, you will probably find a number of resources to get you started on solving the issue. If you keep reading and reanalyzing the problem, you will surely find the solution on your own. If you can, be sure to keep a back up of everything so you are not afraid of doing something that can not be undone. If you are unable to repair your computer yourself, consider these additional options.

Friends And Family

Sometimes, computers have very simple fixes causing a majority of problems. If you are stuck, ask a technology savvy friend or family member to take a quick look. Just ask for five minutes of their time to see if they can help out. This could save you a ton of money, time and headache.

Free Tech Support

When you purchased the computer, you may have also purchased a care package or warranty. If valid, try to contact the provider to get free support. This could help you save time and money.

Organization Support Desks

If you are part of a large organization, such as a university, corporation or institution, there may be help fairly available to you. Many organizations like these provide computer repair services for free. It will not hurt to make a quick call to see if they can help.

Hardware Manufacturer Support

Even if your device is out of warranty, you can still get support from the manufacturing company. This might be Dell, HP or Apple. You may have to pay for additional support. But, it could help identify hardware problems quickly. These are usually not fixable by computer repair professionals anyways.

Computer Repair Forums

There are many job boards for computer repairs. You can try freelance websites, forums or Craigslist. Be careful on these platforms to pick quality service providers. You can usually pick out the winners by asking for previous work samples and references.

Local Computer Repair Services

These local providers can be helpful. However, be careful about pricing, especially if you have a unique biotech operating system. Do your research to avoid being ripped off. Some local computer repairers will charge over $65 per hour and take their sweet time.

The Geeks

If you are unable to find a local computer repair service that fits your budget, consider the corporate alternative. Best Buy has one of the best computer repair services in the industry called, fittingly, the Geek Squad. All you have to do is bring in your broken laptop or desktop to the local Best Buy and they will diagnose and fix it for you. This can get pricey, so beware. However, you cannot beat the ease and simplicity the Geek Squad services provide.

The Nerds

Much like The Geek Squad, Nerds On Call is another computer repair business that does not need you to guide instantiation processes for them. The different is that this one can service you in home with same day computer repair appointments. The Nerds On Call computer repair professionals even offer technical support with a no surprises pricing guarantee. This is one of the few providers that offers flat pricing for computer repairs. Visit their website to see if they are available in your location.

Computer Repair Software

You may want to try Computer repair software by third parties. You want to be sure that it has been developed by a trusted source and you have done everything you can without a third-party software. Usually, you are able to fix most computer software issues with out additional software.

Once again, it is most beneficial to solve your own computer problems, unless of course you are having problems with software offered by a third party, like Shavlik. In today’s world, you have to embrace change by learning about the new tools that you wish to use. In addition, you will save more time and money in the long run.

Do you have questions about computer repairs? Please let us know below. We will do our best to point you in the right direction.

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