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5 Features The Best CX Platforms Have To Offer

There are several features the best CX platforms have to offer. Many businesses use CX platforms to collect information on customer interactions with the company. Then, they use the data to track customer experience metrics while managing and improving their customers’ online shopping experience. As a marketer, you need to know the top CX platform features to improve your customer’s online shopping experience. This way, you can choose the best application to leverage your customer insights. Of course, you can also use these apps to customize your clients’ digital experience. Read on to discover different features the best CX platforms have to offer.

Data Collection

First, the best CX platforms offer data collection features. These features allow you to listen in and collect valuable data whenever customer experiences are happening. Of course, the best applications include tools to set up listening posts on multiple channels. For example, you can collect data from your website, social media pages, third-party apps and physical locations. This way, you can store all of your data on one centralized system for easy access. In addition, these apps let you collect customer data through voice responses and live chat modules. Therefore, you can chat directly with your online shoppers to collect feedback based on the interaction. Surely, you should use the best CX platform features to collect an overview of data.

Feedback Optimization

Second, a feature the best CX platforms can offer is feedback optimization. With this, you can collect feedback from social media, email and chatbots regardless of how much feedback you receive. Certainly, there are various tools to utilize to manage multiple social media accounts, emails and chatbots. Then, you can analyze the data to optimize your website based on the collected data. If you typically receive a large amount of feedback, you can use an app with Natural Language Processing engines. This feature automatically collects and structures data for enterprise clients. Plus, the best apps offer sentiment analysis templates that you can use based on your industry. Additionally, you can opt in for real time notifications to react to unusual behavior immediately. Of course, you should use a CX platform that offers an activity tracking feature.

Holistic Management

Next, your CX platform should include holistic management features. Use this feature to manage all of your channel interactions with a holistic approach. Typically, this feature will have workforce optimization, user analytics, and AI automation integrations for your CX platforms. With workforce optimization, you can access various tools to optimize employee engagement with customers. In addition, an analytics integration collects feedback, survey, text and speech data to drive insights. Plus, automation integrations leverage AI to route natural language predictive behavior for your messaging channels. Furthermore, you can implement self-service chatbots that offer a seamless elevation to your agents. All together, the best CX platforms offer holistic management features for multichannel organizations.

User-Friendly Interface

Then, the best CX platforms feature a user-friendly interface. With an easy-to-use interface, you’ll have easy access to CX applications through any web browser. Consider pairing your CX platform with SEO friendly website builders to create an optimized site. The UI should be adaptable between small and large screens. This way, you can use your platform on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. In addition, the best CX platform interfaces offer quick access to many icons, action buttons and links. Proper navigation creates an uncluttered design. Plus, the platform should offer color coding to pinpoint any items that need immediate attention. Furthermore, an advanced CX platform includes help articles to solve issues by yourself. Definitely, you should use a CX platform that includes user-friendly interface features.

Survey Creator

Furthermore, integrate your CX platform with a survey creator. Using a survey tool, you can create, send and analyze surveys to improve your customer experience. For example, send out customer satisfaction surveys to gather feedback on your products and services. Also, you can create employee engagement surveys to determine your workers’ satisfaction with the company. Using this integration, you can easily email your surveys to customers and employees through your platform. This way, you can analyze your responses with your CX platform to improve customer experiences. Certainly, you should use a survey creator to gather customer and employee satisfaction data.

There are several features the best CX platforms have to offer. First, you can use a data collection feature to store all of your data in one location for easy access. Second, consider a feedback optimization feature to collect data through social media and chatbots. Next, most platforms include a holistic management feature to manage multichannel integrations. Then, you can use a user-friendly interface with easy designs to organize your data. Furthermore, use a survey creator feature to collect opinions and concerns from your customers and employees. These are several features the best CX platforms have to offer.

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