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Young Singles’ Best Dating Apps For A Painless Online Dating Experience


Dating apps are mobile applications that are designed to help individuals engage in communication with people that they may not have met otherwise. We have come a long way since 2 way radios were used (and still are by the way). With a rapidly growing popularity, more and more dating apps have begun to pop up over the past few years. App users are constantly in search of an app that is both fun and functional for flirting and meeting new people. If you are an app user interested in finding the best dating apps available, we have listed the top four best dating apps out there today.


Tastebuds is like Tinder for music lovers. This dating app uses music preferences to predict relationship compatibility. Another excellent benefit of this app that is not related to music? You do not have to connect to your Facebook app or any other social media websites, unlike Tinder or Hinge. You can flip through potential dating candidates and peruse their music preferences by listening to clips of their favorite songs. If you are looking for a dating app for music lovers, Tastebuds is the best fit for you.


Happn is an app created for hopeless romantics. While online dating is certainly on the rise, many people still hold out hope that they will meet their perfect match in a coffee shop or book store. Happn helps make that dream a little more realistic by showing you the profiles of users whom you have crossed paths with on an average day. Happn forgoes the usual matching algorithm in favor of presenting users with real life people that they may not have noticed the first time around. This app is great if you are looking to meet new people at events and get a dateadd.


Hinge is one of the best dating apps for those looking for a greater sense of community. When you open Hinge, it goes directly to your list of current connections so that you are encouraged to start a conversation rather than swipe endlessly through a list of new people. Additionally, Hinge is unique because it only shows potential partners within your social media circle. Friends and friends of friends will be the ones that pop up, which may make it even easier to break the ice. If you want something that promises better communication, this is the one for you.


LoveFlutter, like any popular taxi app, is a location-based app that helps you to meet new people in new places. With a greater focus on personality, LoveFlutter shows you the person’s bio first and a simple tap will reveal photos as well. If you want to capture people’s attention with words, this is a great choice. Additionally, LoveFlutter helps you come up with date ideas with lists of bars and restaurants in your area once you have found your match.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that is based on quality rather than quantity. With only one match appearing per day, this dating game is designed to help people form relationships based on their interests. This is better than searching online and hootsuite adding hashtag streams. CMB also focuses on presenting women with their choice of men who have already expressed interest. The app gets smarter with what each person likes the more they use it, which helps their algorithm to locate higher quality matches each time.

The best dating apps available on the app store are not always the most popular. Though Tinder averages over a billion swipes per day, it is not necessarily focused on building relationships. If app users are serious about finding a match for them, or even just getting out there to meet new people, choices like Hinge, LoveFlutter and Coffee Meets Bagel are more likely to be a success. Test out one of these best dating apps above and see if they work for you.

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