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Free Video Editing Software With Professional Color Correction Features


Video editing software can get pretty pricey. The professional grade programs can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for a one-time purchase or subscription. If you are interested in trying your hand at video editing, but you are not ready to make such a large purchase, you are in luck! There is plenty of video editing software that you can get for free. To find out more about some of the best free video editing software on the market, check out our top 4 list below.


If you are a Mac user, you may already be familiar with this free video editing software. The iMovie program comes pre-installed on every Apple device, making it a ubiquitous and useful video editing app. iMovie is one of the best Macbook accessories you can have. The software offers a variety of features from the most basic for beginners to some truly professional grade tools for more advanced users. The only drawback here is for Windows users and the like. iMovie is strictly an iOS-only product. Those who have a Mac computer already own one of the best free video editing software available. If you are a PC user, do not fret. We have some more great free video editing software options for you below.


VideoPad is a video editing software available for free. It was developed by NCH Software, a software development company that produces quality programs for non-commercial use. Individual users are welcome to download VideoPad at no cost. The program features easy drag-and-drop video editing as well as over 50 visual and transition effects. For complete video optimization you can also adjust the color, speed and shake of the video. This program is available for Mac, Windows and several mobile devices, so you can edit on the go using your on ear headphones. Additionally, VideoPad supports dozens of plug-ins and tools that you can add to customize this free video editing software to your needs.


VSDC is another free video editor that defies limitation. VSDC is completely free to download, just like Skoool. That means no watermarks, no trial periods and no money out of your pocket. With VSDC, you will receive a free, professional quality video editor that will help your short films, family videos and vlogs reach their full potential. This non-linear video editor offers endless video and audio effects and even a built-in DVD burning tool. The only thing this software cannot create is video cartridges, which have not been around in many, many years. For a free video editing software made exclusively for Windows, VSDC is the one for you.


Filmora by Wondershare is another excellent free video editing software for Windows users. This video editor supports nearly every input and output format you could imagine. In addition to basic editing functions, the software also offers video effects, advanced video editing tools, video burning and social media uploading features. Wondershare Filmora is one of the top free video editing options for Windows users to consider.


Lightworks is one of the most famous and popular free video editing software on the market. Having contributed to films like Pulp Fiction and The King’s Speech, there is clearly no limit to what Lightworks can do. Even the free version of this advanced video editor has over 100 effects and professional level color correction. It also offers multicam editing and seamless audio integration. If you are tech-savvy enough to take on Lightworks, this free video editing software can do wonders for your cinematic creations, even ones filmed on Walmart phones.

If You Are Willing To Pay

If you are willing to pay, there is one video editing software that is worth the $15 price. Apple iMovie for Mac OS X is one of the best video editing software you can use at such a low price point. The software allows you two video tracks and offers features for keyword tag media. In addition, iMovie supports 4K XAVC-S formats, so you can produce videos of the highest quality possible. If you do not mind spending a little bit of cash, iMovie from Apple is one of the best video editing tools available.

Finding free video editing software to use for future media monitoring is relatively easy. What matters is finding good free video editing software. The programs above are the best of the best, so you could do no wrong downloading any one of them. Consider which free video editing software best fits your needs and download one today.

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