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Top Graphic Design Software Programs For Beginner Artistry

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Graphic design is a form of visual communication. It utilizes the process of combining text and images to display an idea. Aspiring graphic designers may be in awe of the artistry that goes into making a beautiful print ad or book cover. However, technology also plays a large role in the graphic design process. Art, illustration and design software is essential to create a particular image. You might not be a the point where you can mirror an image in Photoshop. Thankfully, there are plenty of graphic design software programs available for beginners. Here are the best ones all listed below.

Before You Download

Before you decide to consider download any of the graphic design software mentioned below, you may also want to take a course to learn to principles of graphic design and comprehensive branding projects, just as the Akamai class did. Thankfully, there is an online course for graphic design offered by Coursera. However, the Coursera Graphic Design Specialization course is not the only one out there. Either way, these online graphic design courses can help you learn the fundamentals of graphic design. Or, if you are a more advanced graphic artist, you can learn more about typography, image making or even the history of graphic design. Consider taking an online graphic design class, or one at a local community college, to make the most of the software mentioned below.

Scalable Vector Graphics Edit

SVG-Edit, or Scalable Vector Graphics Edit, is a graphics design format that makes use of XML for shape detailing. You can use SVG-Edit to create and edit documents. However, you can also use the software to download and modify the graphic code. This software is perfect for 2-dimensional vector graphics, in particular. So if you create digital storyboards, this is an important option to consider. If you want to get started in graphics coding, this is the software to download.


GIMP stands for GNU Imaging Manipulation Program. This free, open-sourced software is the perfect photo editor for graphic design beginners to work towards achieving their digital dreams. With advanced setting tools and professional grade photo enhancements, GIMP can give you a high quality product in any format. If you want something that is free and packed full of useful features, this is the graphic design software for you.


Blender is another open-sourced software that you can download free of charge and add to your IT resume. This 3D creation suite contains fast modeling and animation tools with realistic materials so that you can make videos that truly stand out. Their flexible interface works for any new user. On top of that, it is fully customizable for those willing to code with python. This graphic design software is perfect for users who want to focus on video and game creation.


Inkscape is a professional vector graphic design software that is also free to download. With a variety of artistic tools, text options and file format options, this program has all of the basics to get you started. You can simply convert image to PDF like many other programs. While on your graphic design journey, it is a great program to learn with. Whether you are looking to complete heavy photo-editing or create your own unique display, Inkscape has you covered.

Affinity Design

Affinity Design is a Serif software product that can be purchased for just $50, which is the next best thing to free database software. Developed from their original program, DrawPlus, Affinity Design is all of the professional design features you need with a special simplicity that is perfect for beginners. With multiple color spaces to choose from and excellent cross-platform performance, this is a great choice for anyone who wants variety and quality.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular graphic design applications on the market. Guaranteed for professional quality and extensive features, this Creative Cloud software is a bit pricier than some competitors, including the Adobe Soundbooth. However, for $20 per month you can use this single app for all of your graphic design needs. Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard vector program, so if you want to get experience working with top grade tools, this is the one for you.

Graphic design software does not have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars. If you are a beginner, there are many options out there for you to try after you realize you have a knack for creating incredible Powerpoints online. To get your start in graphic design, consider downloading one of these software programs above. Whether you choose an open-sourced photo editor like Inkscape or a monthly subscription software like Adobe Illustrator, you can find all of the tools you need for a low price.

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