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Top Hybrid Smartwatches To Manage Smartphone While Looking Classy

With the emergence of smartwatches, consumers can answer calls, send text messages and get directions, as well as plenty of other tasks without even reaching for their smartphone. The next level of smartwatches now offers the look of a traditional watch combined with the features of a smartwatch, earning the name, hybrid smartwatch. Similar to how e-readers use technology on a classic use of paper, smartwatches try to bridge time, literally.

Unlike the original smartwatch, hybrid smartwatches showcase an analog clock on the face of the watch, rather than a touchscreen, and use a button on the side of the watch for controls. Hybrid smartwatches are a useful tool for managing your smartphone conveniently. Here are some popular watch brands that have recently came out with hybrid smartwatches that you can try out today.


Fossil’s Q Hybrid Smartwatches come in 18 different designs and allow you to switch out the straps to fit your specific style. The watches offer up to 6 months of battery life (depending on usage), running on a standard watch battery. Your phone and smartwatch stay connected using the Fossil Q App. This makes it the perfect solution for chatterbots who love to keep in touch with friends and family on the go.


Kronaby has a whole line of hybrid smartwatches for you to consider. However, they will cost you quite a bit of cash. The hybrid smartwatches sell for $395-$675, but it is money well spent if you need a great watch. The line features models for both men and women. The watches use only the best watch materials, and feature a changeable wristband. In addition, the watch has step tracking features, notifications, remote music playback controls and remote picture taking capabilities. You can even use the notifications to push your Russell Simmons Yoga app reminders to your watch. You can also use the hybrid smartwatch to let others know your current location with the press of just a single button. If you want a hybrid smartwatch that offers useful safety features, Kronaby may be worth your money.


Skagen’s design is called the Hagen Connected Hybrid Smartwatch and comes with a variety of straps including, steel-mesh, leather and silicon. This watch also uses an app which allows you to view data and manage your settings. The Hagen watch has a replaceable battery that lasts for four to six months.


For men looking for high-end hybrid smartwatches, Movado’s Bold Connected II could be the watch for you. This watch is offered in two different designs, one with a stainless steel link bracelet and the other with a black silicone strap. Both were engineered by HP and feature an analog clock with a small LED screen toward the bottom of the watch face. The Bold Connected II has a rechargeable battery and comes with a charging cable. Of course, it can be bought with a Chase payment too.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade offers a gold hybrid smart watch for women it calls the Vachetta and Gold Hybrid Smartwatch. This watch connects to the Kate Spade New York app to track your information and never requires a charge. The company also sells the watch as part of a smartwatch box set. The set comes equipped with two options for the wearer, a two tone gold bracelet or an interchangeable black leather strap.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors’ hybrid smartwatch is marketed as the perfect watch for any jet setter. The watch adjusts to your current time zone automatically when you land somewhere new and allows you keep up with two time zones at once. It is available in three different color combinations, black-tone, gold-tone and silver-tone and leather. This watch’s battery requires no charging and lasts up to 6 months, unlike that certain gadget you have been reading unbrick iPhone guides about.

All of these hybrid smartwatch options are water resistant and compatible with your Apple or Android smartphone. Most are also Bluetooth enabled, a step up from 1000base t-devices. Also, they require little to no charging. Being that the hybrid smartwatch comes equipped with the modern technology of a smartwatch and the look and feel of a traditional watch, it is easy for all to use. No matter your style, the perfect hybrid smartwatch is out there for you.

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