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Best iPhone X Features That Enhance Your Gaming Experience

The much-anticipated Apple iPhone X has been launched in September this year. That’s exactly a decade after the first iPhone was released back in 2007. This new handset was a huge gamble for its developer, but it’s certainly one that looks like it will pay off. Altering its design and removing the home button has been a drastic and dangerous move for Apple, but it was certainly a move that was badly needed after years of featuring similar designs and features. Now the iPhone X all-screen front, extra power, and premium design mix together to form one of the best smartphone ever made by Apple.

A Decade of Development

The iPhone X is perhaps one of the biggest leap forward that smartphone from Apple needed. Apart from the original iPhone released ten years back, this new iPhone is rumored to have the biggest impact than any previous Apple iPhones. This new handset is the perfect embodiment of what Apple has been trying to achieve over the last decade for the ideal smartphone.

iPhone X Features

The craze about its release tells the story of the iPhone X. It’s speed and responsiveness are some of the key aspects that makes the iPhone X special. The black notch located on the top of the iPhone X is where you will find some of the most advanced sensors and innovative illuminator + infrared technology that helps to make Face ID better. In Landscape mode, this phone condenses webpages with its white bars on the side. Thanks to the responsiveness of the iPhone X, you can expect to have a great experience while playing your favourite games of online bingo. Whether you are playing in portrait or landscape mode, you can expect to discover the great fluidity of the high definition graphics that will enhance your bingo experience at Lucky Pants Bingo.

iPhone X Pricing Options

The new iPhone X comes in silver and space grey colors. A small chunk of the top screen is home to its front camera, while the dual cameras on the back creates an aesthetically unpleasant bump on its back, however this should not be a problem if you have a nice-looking case. Although Apple mentioned that its glass back is highly durable, it’s still breakable technology. It is wiser for you to get a case for a phone costing a massive $999. The iPhone X is slightly heavier, wider, narrower and shorter than the Galaxy S8 from Samsung. But to reassure all the iFans, this new smartphone is a little bigger than the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8.

iPhone X Functions

This future of smartphones, as revealed by Apple, supports both widespread versions of high dynamic range (HDR), and these are Dolby Vision and HDR10. It will display compatible content in high dynamic range when appropriate. It’s been noticed that the colors of the iPhone X are warmer compared to the Galaxy S8. According to a display expert, the iPhone X has some of the most accurate colors ever seen on a smartphone. This new smartphone is also water resistant and it has no headphone jack, just like the iPhone 7.

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