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The Best Landlord Apps Every Property Manager Should Install

A landlord app is a type of software designed to assist landlords with their everyday tasks. This can be anything from rent collection and best filesync to inspection services. If you are a property manager, you know the difficulties of tending to numerous tenants at a time. Thankfully, there is a landlord app available for any project you could imagine. To learn more about these apps and how they can help you manage your properties, see our top five list below.


Landlordy is one of the top property management apps for finances. This top rated landlord app allows property owners to create and share rent invoices. Additionally, you can track payments and send rent receipts to your tenants. If you have trouble keeping track of your information, this may be the perfect solution. Not only can you manage rental business expenses, but you can also organize important photos and documents, all in one place! For an app that helps you manage your property finances, consider downloading Landlordy.

My Inventory

The My Inventory manager is a solution designed for landlords who need help keeping track of certain items. If your properties are furnished, this would be the perfect app for you. My Inventory allows you to log all of your furniture and other supplies in a convenient database. Then, you can add images taken with your Picsart app of their condition and any other information you may need. This is perfect for landlords who want to ensure that their furnished properties are well taken care of.

Happy Inspector

Happy Inspector is a fully native mobile app that allows you to complete necessary inspections with ease. This app is designed with fully integrated asset import, so you can log all of your properties in an instant. Even better, you can upload past inspection documents or choose from one of their many available templates. Customers and inspectors can sign off on completed forms right through your phone. If you want an app that makes your inspection duties a little easier, this is the one for you.

Hello Sign

If you need a landlord app that helps speed up the renting process, this could be your perfect match. Hello Sign is an app that allows you to upload, share and sign documents all from your phone. When renters want to make a quick deal, this is the perfect software to have on hand. You can even scan and edit documents in the app! If you are looking for a landlord app that helps to speed up your day-to-day processes, consider adding this one to your arsenal.

Quick Legal

Quick Legal is an app that anybody can use, but it is particularly useful for property managers. This free software allows you to connect with trusted lawyers who can help answer your legal questions. Rather than pay for an expensive consultation in the Kings Park area, you can set up a video chat or phone call with one of Quick Legal’s many professionals. If you want to obtain legal advice at no cost, this is a great app for you.

Finding the perfect landlord app depends on your needs. Many property managers require financial organization, which is why Landlordy is such an excellent option. Additionally, legal advice, document sharing and inventory services can come in handy. Test out these top 5 landlord apps for yourself and see how this software makes your life easier.

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