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Top Personal Finance Apps To Better Manage Your Money


Managing your funds as a college student is notoriously difficult. Between expensive textbooks, fitness technology gadgets, night life and transportation, your bills can add up quickly. Thankfully, everything you need to stay on track is right on your phone. Personal finance apps are the perfect solution for struggling college students. Below, we have listed the top five apps that will help you budget better this school year. See below to find out what personal finance apps you need on your phone.


Learnvest is one of the top financial advice apps you will find in the App Store. The software connects directly to your accounts to track data, no matter how many different accounts you have. It also features financial education materials and resources to help you learn to better manage your finances. These additional resources include budgeting tools and financial goals to help you achieve the financial status of your dreams. You can also use the app to hire a personal financial planner for a fee, if you decide you need a little extra help that the techworld cannot provide. If you need to learn how to better manage your personal finances, consider downloading LearnVest.


Mint is one of the most highly praised finance apps on the market, and for good reason. This app is designed with new technology to help you track spending. It connects to your bank accounts so that you do not have to worry about writing down your spending or expensive. Mint collects it all for you. Additionally, you can set bill reminders so that you never forget to pay rent. If you want to become more responsible with your finances, Mint is the perfect app to help.


Qapital is definitely one of the best finance tools to have in your toolbox. This mobile finance app is available for free on the iTunes store. Qapital helps even the least financially responsible person save money easily using rules, like the Roundup Rule or Freelancer Rule. You can even customize your own rules by making an ITTT Rule, short for If This Then That. For example, you can use it to have Qapital deposit $5 to your savings every time the forecast calls for snow. It opens a new savings account for you and links it to your checking account to make withdrawals three times a week based on your rules. But no need to worry about overdrafting, unlike when you are watching tv and online shopping mindlessly. Qapital cancels any deposits that will leave less than $100 in your account and pauses your rules until your account is able to make the deposit. If you are a terrible saver, download Qapital.

Level Money

Level Money, like Mint, is helps you budget and track your spending with excellent identity theft protection features. However, the interface is uniquely designed to be read at a glance. This is perfect for busy college students. After learning a little bit about you, your bills and your spending habits, Level Money’s meter will “fill” with your money. Then, it will subtract essential expenses and savings. Whatever is left over will be the money you can spend. There is no better feeling than opening this app and seeing that you have a spendable amount left for late night pizza!

Check Please

Despite financial struggles, college students tend to eat out a lot. When cafeteria food just does not cut it anymore, you want the Check Please app to make dinner with your roommates a little easier. This finance app will help you and your friends split the bill any which way. Think of it like the most simple accounting software. It factors in tips and everything so that you can be sure everyone is paying their fair share.


Online shopping can be a lifesaver when you need a professional outfit for a new internship. However, keeping track of your incoming packages is essential, especially if they have to go through your college’s mailing service. This is where Slice comes in. This finance app is designed to log all of your online orders in one place. Then, you can track shipments, and even keep an eye on price reductions to save you some money all from your Tphone. For an app that will help organize your life, your shipments and your finances, you need Slice.


Finally, BillGuard is the personal finance app every college student needs. Losing your wallet at a bar is the ultimate nightmare, but BillGuard is here to protect your finances with two factor authentication. This app tracks spending from debit and credit cards. If anything suspicious happens, it will automatically notify you. From billing errors to scams to fraudulent charges, BillGuard will keep you safe from it all.

Personal finance apps are the perfect way to keep track of your spending. College students, especially, could benefit from a little extra help in this department. With services like Mint, Level Money and BillGuard, you can view your transactions and maintain a proper budget.

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