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Top Resume Software To Help Job Seekers Land An Interview Now


A resume software program is an application that is designed to help you craft the perfect resume. Many college grads set out into the real world without a clue on how to actually get hired, and the right resume can play a big part in their success. If you did the internships and joined the extracurricular activities, all that is left to do is put it together. Landing an entry level job takes persistence, determination and a good resume software program. Thankfully, we have located the top six best resume software applications available for you to test out. If you utilize one of these helpful resume tools along with professional resume editing skills, you should be landing an interview for an entry level job in no time.

Resume Genius

Resume Genius is a cloud-based resume building tool that does not require you to pay for cloud storage. The online resume builder helps you create the most professional resume possible within twenty minutes or less. The site makes use of HR-approved resume templates that are sure to not be rejected by Applicant Tracking System software. If you want to craft an ATS friendly resume quickly and easily, consider visiting the Resume Genius website.

Slash CV

Slash CV is known for its simplicity and cleanliness. There is no clutter to be found on this resume software site. Instead, it is an accessible and organized way to get your information out there. With no email sign ups to worry about, you can dive right into creating your resume even if you don’t have Microsoft Office Online. Use the basic text editor and pre-made templates to truly perfect it, and you will have a winning resume right at your fingertips.

EasyJob Resume Builder

EasyJob Resume Builder is a great free resume software to consider. This software package is intuitive for users, unlike Microsoft Office online. It also provides great career advice that is pertinent to job seekers like you. In addition to resumes, you can also use the program to create professional documents like cover letters. This free resume building software is great for anyone who wants a comprehensive program.


Another top resume software, ResumeMaker,  offers chronological and functional layout options for all of your needs. If you are applying for a job at Aventail, you certainly want to consider this solution. In addition, the software has over 1,200 resume templates for you to use with their Builder Wizard tool. They even offer a a cover letter creation feature with prewritten phrases, which not many other resume making software do. ResumeMaker is an excellent resume building software, as long as you do not need to import existing data.

Resume Companion

Resume companion comes with a few more bells and whistles than Slash CV. From job descriptions to writing tips and professionally written phrases, this application is keen on helping you to get hired. It acts as more than just a template manager. Moreover, you can locate the best tips and tricks in the business while also organizing a complete CV with ease.


LiveCareer is a top rated resume software service for a reason. This resume builder features hundreds of templates to choose one so that you can really make yours stand out. Additionally, sample phrases can help give you a push in the right direction as you determine exactly what your qualifications and experience really mean. Just be sure to include information about your Oracle certification on your resume, as well!

Visual CV

Visual CV, like Slash CV, has one of the cleanest interfaces when it comes to resume building. Their no nonsense approach includes a few extra gems, however, such as the ability to login through LinkedIn to make the resume writing process that much easier. A social integrated software is great for anyone looking for IT jobs online or in their own networks.

Pongo Resume

Pongo Resume is an awarded resume program that will act as your personal career service. In to helping write your resume, Pongo Resume can also assist with cover letters, interview preparation and the job search itself using Microsoft search server. If you want a fully integrated program that can help you find a job and build a resume, this resume software is the one for you.

Crafting the perfect resume does not have take more than a few minutes with one of these programs. Resume software is the key to creating professional, visually appealing documents that employers will want to read. If you are on a job search, consider using one of these resume applications. When hiring managers are calling you to set up an interview, you will be glad that you did.

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