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5 Best Salesforce Integrations That Boost Business Conversions

There are several Salesforce integrations that boost business conversions. Notably, companies use Salesforce integration systems to access data, services and apps from other programs. By connecting to different applications, businesses can increase sales, automate processes and close more deals. In fact, nearly 60% of Salesforce customers plan to integrate third-party services into their customer relationship management. As a business owner, you should know the most powerful integrations to use for your company. This way, you’ll have access to a wealth of data and services to leverage power over other brands. Of course, you can access this data without needing to become a data analyst. Read on to learn about the best Salesforce integrations that boost business conversions.

Campaign Management

First, Salesforce offers campaign management integrations that can boost business conversions. Use this integration to automate time-consuming campaign tasks and operations. In addition, some campaign management integration tools offer consulting and development services. With these services, you can create default statuses for your business and assign them to recurring campaigns. Many of these integration platforms also use account based marketing to target companies with digital ads. Furthermore, you can interact with key decision makers to increase the velocity of your sales pipeline. Surely, you should use Salesforce campaign management integrations to boost your company’s conversion.

Digital Team Communication

Next, digital team communication is a Salesforce integration to boost business conversions. Typically, you need to use a native or third-party integration tool to sync these platforms with Salesforce. Once they’re in sync, you can search through your Salesforce server and share the search results with your team. In addition, this integration allows you to share messages between the Salesforce Chatter and your communication application. You can also share account records, leads and opportunities as well. With this team collaboration, your organization can increase productivity and sales. In short, use a digital team communication Salesforce integration to boost conversions. 

Email Messaging

In addition, you can integrate email messaging with Salesforce to boost business conversions. Connect your company’s email server with Salesforce to link different records directly to and from your email account. For example, you can use this integration to access your Salesforce contacts, events and tasks right from your email server. You can access all data on any device connected to your email server, even on a rented PC. can log With this information, you can segment your email lists based on product and service clients. Then, target your email campaigns based on your clients’ needs. Of course, you can also use this to empower new analysis. Indeed, you’ll learn more about your users and customers to improve your customer service. Of course, email messaging is a Salesforce integration that can boost your conversion.

Data Productivity

Also, data productivity is another Salesforce integration that can boost business conversions. With this integration, you can use a spreadsheet-like workspace to configure charts and grids. This offers a single view option so your team can handle data in a single dashboard. Additionally, you can configure and personalize grids for different software users in your company. You can also leverage built-in operations to create and edit multiple cells within your workspace. By keeping your Salesforce data up-to-date, you can improve your client email outreach. Plus, you can filter and store information as you need it. Certainly, you should use data productivity integration to boost conversions in your company.

SMS Texting

Furthermore, Salesforce SMS texting integrations can boost your business conversions. Once you integrate your software, you can send and receive messages from various platforms right in the Salesforce Chatter. For example, use mobile texts, social media messages and other texting applications to connect with your customers. Then, you can send your digital campaigns right to their mobile devices including Androids and champagne colored iPhones. Plus, you can automatically answer customer responses with pre-created messages. Indeed, set up bulk, scheduled and trigger-automated SMS to reach a specific target audience. This way, you can reach the right customers to promote your products. Definitely, you should integrate SMS texting to Salesforce to boost business conversions.

There are several Salesforce integrations that boost business conversions. First, integrate campaign management to automate your tasks. Next, you can integrate digital team communication to share messages and records with your team. In addition, integrate email messaging with Salesforce to link your records directly to your email account. Also, you should use data productivity integration to keep your Salesforce data up-to-date with a spreadsheet workspace. Furthermore, you can configure an SMS text integration to connect with your customers on mobile devices. Consider these points to learn about the best Salesforce integrations that boost business conversions.

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