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5 Factors The Best Video Hosting Offers Your Projects

Video hosting is becoming more and more a needed tool for any business. Whether using video as marketing or sending material to interior teams, very few digital forward companies don’t need online video hosting services. For the digital manager of a company, finding the best video hosting service can be a problem. Each of the many options for video hosting specialize in different services. To determine which one will work best, you need to consider several factors. Here are five factors to consider for picking the best video hosting service.

Free Or Paid

The first thing to consider is whether you should join a pay or a free service. Several popular video sharing services don’t require payment. However, these services limit download speeds and number of videos you can post over a certain period. These limitations are in order to provide data for all their users. Pay services may offer more control, but that comes at what might be a very high price. Pay services are also not as popular, and if you’re trying to spread marketing materials a pay service will not reach as many people. Consider both your budget and needs when determining whether you should use a pay service.


If your company needs video hosting for marketing, you should consider how shareable you want your videos. Each of the major social media sites includes their own video hosting system. These will most effectively tie you into the social media. On the other hand, these services are not focused on sharing videos. Your customers might experience bad connectivity and you will have less control. More shareability also means viewers can do what they like with your video. You should be able to do a foldershare with your videos for instant access. This includes in ways that undermine your marketing. Shareability is a delicate balance for video. Consider what your company precisely needs.

Lead Generation

An important factor for video hosting is what you need in lead generation tools. Certain professional video hosting sites can provide you with a lot of data about who views your videos. You can then take this data to build lead generation. This could be invaluable in determining whether your marketing videos are working and bringing in new customers. This service is expensive though, so if your company doesn’t do these lead generation work it may not be worth it.

Ease Of Use VS Control

In the biggest video hosting factors, you will have to decide between having ease of use versus a lot of content control. The largest free services offer easy tools to put your videos up. They also get priority of search engines. The problem is that you won’t have control of your videos once their posted. The service may link your videos to those of your competition. If you create a custom edit on soundwire and post it, anyone can view the video. These services also won’t offer good customer service compared to smaller ones. The factor to consider which is more important, ease or risk.


If you need hosting for internal purposes, you may want to focus on security. There are private video hosting services that can provide extensive security for your videos. These services can also let you track each and every viewer of a video. This gives you unparalleled security for your inter-company videos. For example, you might want to restrict access of who can view security cameras in business. These services cannot effectively share your videos beyond your company. You will need to consider your needs when picking for security.

A lot of factors can affect what video hosting service you use. You will need to asses your budget to determine whether you need a pay service or a free one. Certain services can give you more shareability at the cost of function. Some services can help with lead generation. Most services offer a choice between ease of posting and content control. Certain servers offer better security but make it impossible to share. Consider the various options carefully as you decide what service or services you use.

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