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Best VoIP Providers For Low-Cost Residential Phone Services


VoIP stands for Voice over IP, a form of vocal communication that is transmitted over the internet. VoIP service providers offer people an affordable alternative to traditional home phone networks. These providers allow users to make free long distance calls with unlimited minutes at a low monthly cost, so you do not have to worry about high prices like those for award-winning Clearsoft services. If you are considering making the switch from your usual phone network to a VoIP service provider, take into consideration these top residential VoIP networks.


1-VoIP is a little known residential VoIP network that could help save you a ton of money every single year, just like your Elcomsoft alternatives. This Oklahoma-based company offers home VoIP services with a 30-day money back guarantee. Their cheapest home VoIP service costs just $9/month, which is surely tens of dollars less than your current phone provider. You also do not have to sign a contract to use their services and can even bundle services for lower prices. If you want unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada while also benefiting from international and mobile app calling with zero activation fees or setup fees, 1-VoIP may be your go-to.


If you are looking for some extra bells and whistles to go along with your VoIP phone service, look no further than ITP. They offer an array of plans to get you started, from Basic to Global 2. Each one will guarantee you free inbound calling to Canada and Puerto Rico. It will also provide a free second line, which is perfect for homes full of chatty family members. Additionally, ITP offers over 45 different features to its customers, such as call recording and caller ID. This is more than any other VoIP provider. However, its feature-rich service is accompanied by a surplus of charges for features that many other VoIP service providers include in their packages. ITP is perfect if you do not want to skimp on the extra features. However, if you would rather save your hard-earned cash there are still plenty of VoIP services available to you.


VoIPo is a leading service provider in VoIP communication. Their residential packages include unlimited calls to the US and Canada. They also include an hour of free international calls per month and a free rollover line. You can get this all for as little as $7 per month when you take on a two year contract, unlike VoIPLink. VoIPo also offers simple and convenient account management along with this affordable monthly rate. That makes it a serious contender for VoIP customers who want convenience at a low cost. Unfortunately, VoIPo does cost you if you want to call Puerto Rico. Their limited plan options may not work for you. However, If you are happy with what they have to offer, VoIPo can be an excellent VoIP service provider.


GetVoip is one of the best VoIP solutions for any needs, especially if you do not have offshore accounts chock full of money for you to spend on phone services. This company tested 300 VoIP service providers to help you identify the best VoIP phone system for your particular needs. Once you read the informative research they provide, you can use the QuoteMatch tool to sort through pre-screened matches of the VoIP providers that fit you best. Personalized results allow you to narrow now VoIP solutions to fit your needs, goals and budget. If you need help picking a VoIP service provider, visit GetVoIP.


Vonage is one of the most well known VoIP service providers. This company has plans available for homes, small businesses and larger enterprises. In addition, they offer helpful resources like a FXO guide for beginners.  Vonage is dedicated to offering the right kind of service for you, no matter the size of your needs. Their residential plans are available in Mexico, Brazil, India and the Philippines in addition to the US and Canada. North American residents can choose from plans for as low as $9.99 per month. These plans offer unlimited calling across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Vonage is often hailed for its quality customer support. If you want a helpful provider to get you started, Vonage is the perfect VoIP service provider for you.


Founded in 2005, Axvoice is a VoIP service provider that offers free outgoing and incoming calls. In addition, they provide free equipment and a waived activation fee to all first time customers. Their plans range from $14.99 per month to $8.25 per month depending on the length of the contract. Each plan offers 30+ features for you to choose from. However, these “unlimited” plans follow a reasonable usage policy, just like your average clean up Mac software. If your calls max out at over 3,000 minutes per month, you may be charged. Additionally, Axvoice does not offer phone support for customers. If you would prefer to get in touch online, this may be a great fit. If you want more accessible customer service, or if you are expect to chat more than 50+ hours per month, you may want to look elsewhere for a VoIP phone service provider.


Lingo is the best cheap VoIP service provider out there. For ten dollars a month, you can receive their basic features plan. This plan includes 500 minutes a month. Lingo also rents and ships VoIP adapters at no extra cost, which is a huge advantage. Other companies may charge you as much as $60 for that same service. There are no activation fees and all fees are included in your initial price quote, so you will never have to deal with an unpleasant billing surprise. Making a phone call should not be nearly as expensive as radio broadcasting. If you want the cheapest VoIP provider that also ranks as one of the best VoIP services overall, consider Lingo.

VoIP phone service providers can open up a new world of possibilities when it comes to your monthly calls. Whether you are looking to save money or splurge on extra features, there is definitely a hosted VoIP service out there for you. Consider the choices presented in this post. You will not be disappointed no matter which selection you make.

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