Tuesday , 4 October 2022

These Business Apps Will Save You Time And Money

Time is money – it’s one of the more hackneyed clichés in life, but like all the best clichés, it has a sound basis in fact. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, companies need to constantly look inwards at their processes and operations to find ways to run faster, leaner and smarter if they want to stay ahead of the pack.

The technological age is all about doing just that, whether it is through apps for work, automation, communication, collaboration or just good old-fashioned organization. The following tech tools are must-haves in the modern business world.

Make Full Use Of A Flexible Scheduler

Some managers spend so much time organizing what everyone else is doing that they pay very little attention to the person whose time is the most valuable and scarce commodity of all – the one looking back at them in the mirror. You need to have apps that can keep you on schedule. A flexible scheduling system is essential for getting the most out of every hour of every day.

In days gone by, we might have used a basic scheduler or calendar type program for appointment scheduling. Today’s tech does all the work for you, providing an online reservation system that acts more like a virtual PA. Look for one that can interface with other applications, such as your payment apps, booking system and even your social media accounts. it allows colleagues, clients and suppliers to book or cancel calls and appointments without having to bother you or your colleagues.

Get Smart With Your Smart Phone

At 85 percent market saturation among UK adults, it is safe to say that practically everyone has a smartphone. The question that savvy business managers need to be asking is whether they are fully optimizing the use of a gadget that is always within reach.

There is such a wide range of business apps that you can download – either for nothing or next to nothing – that it would be impossible to describe them all here. A few examples, however include Scanner Pro, an iOS app that converts your iPhone or tablet into a professional-quality scanner, and Skype for Business to facilitate conferencing and calls on the move.

The Right Communications Tools

Speaking of conferencing, you won’t always be wanting to deliver a team briefing or that killer sales pitch through a mobile interface on the hands-free while sitting in traffic on the M25. Of course, Skype for Business is part of Microsoft Office Online and can be used on desktop, too, but it is worth checking out other options. Clear communication, whether it is with clients or colleagues, is pivotal to success, and functions like screen sharing can be notoriously hit-and-miss. There are many other screen sharing alternatives that work out at around about the same cost. Users particularly like the whiteboarding feature, which allows everyone on the call to see what you are jotting down, just as if you were in a room together.

These are just three examples of technologies that can make a big difference to productivity and getting the most out of your time. The really clever part is that all three can communicate with one another to make your day even easier.

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