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How Business Comcast Services Increase Communications Efficiency

Comcast Business Voice is a hosted VoIP, or Voiceover Internet Protocol system designed to offer communication solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Upon signing up for the program, users will receive login information for the VoIP portal,, where they can control and utilize the service. If you run a business or organization and are considering a VoIP system for your communications needs, you may want to consider Business Voice. Below are some of the pros and cons of the system. This way, you will know exactly what you are getting when you log in to

Pro: Online Account Management

One huge advantage to Comcast Business services, like VoiceEdge, is the ability to manage your features online. A quick visit to their website allows you to log in and manage ring-to phones and turn call forwarding on or off. In addition, you can enact the Do Not Disturb feature from this online account management portal. If you are a Business VoiceEdge customer or utilize any other Comcast Business service, make sure to take advantage of their account management portal online after you are done online shopping for Macbook accessories.

Con: Lock-In Contracts

If you are seeking a flexible VoIP plan, Comcast Business Voice may not be right for you. One of the largest complaints about Comcast Business Voice is that clients were offered tempting monthly rates at a locked-in price. This may sound appealing however, several customers revealed that these contractual rates are nearly impossible to get out of. They are almost as ironclad as VBrick systems protections. If, for some reason, you have to switch accounts before the contract is up, Comcast will not offer you the same rate on your new account. Additionally, some reviews even claim that Comcast swindled them. Users cite instances where Verizon charged them unwarranted installation fees or exorbitant cancellation fees. If your business is constantly changing, Comcast Business Voice is not right for you.

Pro: Tons Of Features

What Business Voice lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in features. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a variety of services. These features include business essentials such as call-waiting, extension numbers and hunt group. Alongside these services you will also have some more useful or unique features. offers users a hold music option, so that your clients can enjoy their wait time on the phone. Additionally, users will be given voice to email integration. All of this and much more can also be found on the Business VoiceEdge Mobile App. Extra features can be purchased at the user’s request. You are guaranteed to have the features you want and need for your business, which cannot be said for VoIPLink services. If you enjoy having a variety of ways to organize and communicate, the portal has everything you need.

Con: Poor Quality

Many Comcast Business Voice users tend to sign up for a package plan that includes both phone and internet. If you are looking for a speedy internet connection and clear phone calls, you may want to look elsewhere. Comcast customers claim that their internet service is average at best. More importantly, their phone call service is even worse. According to some users, the Comcast Business Voice service leaves them with dropped calls, distinct echos during conversation and generally poor audio quality. It is possible that the quality of service varies based on the location. However, is that a risk you are willing to take? Comcast Business Voice offers special deals and useful features, much like ToDoist premium. However, phone service quality is lacking. Consider this before deciding to sign up for the service.

Pro: Versatile Packages

Business Voice may still be a tempting offer for some businesses. The Comcast website boasts services designed to work with small businesses as well as large corporations, similar to the VMware partner program. They offer several different packages according to your needs. Business Voice is intended for smaller businesses. Business VoiceEdge is designed for larger companies. Depending upon the package you sign up for, you could receive discounts. Of course, this discount depends upon how many employees you have. For example, with Business VoiceEdge users with less than 50 employees pay $15 per employee for the service, while someone with 50+ employees would pay $10 per employee. Comcast Business Voice offers a variety of deals. You will surely find a plan that works for your needs.

Con: Increasing Prices

Some Comcast Business customers report ever-increasing prices throughout their time with the company. These customers complain that each time they got a bill, there would be another unexpected charge or fee enclosed. Sometimes, these extra charges turn out to be simple errors. Other times however, users are threatened with fees for not renewing contracts on time. These instances are not a frequent occurrence with the company. However, it is an important reminder that you should always be checking over every service bill or receipt you ever get from anyone, not just Comcast or Telcan. could be a portal into an incredible communication experience. However, it could also be a portal into a low-quality VoIP service. The pros and cons above should highlight some of the most prominent issues and features of the Comcast Business Voice service. Now it is time to decide for yourself if this system is right for you. Consider this post before heading over to Keep reading if you want to know more about more types of business Comcast solutions.

Business Comcast Wireless Gateway

The Business Wireless Gateway is another product from Comcast that can help you to achieve unified communications at your business without having to buy dedicated server solutions. This product connects Comcast business internet and Comcast business wifi by providing wires and wifi connectivity, eliminating any need for an additional router. You may want to find out how these wifi and 5GHZ capabilities from business Comcast solutions can improve your business now.

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