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Buy Dedicated Server Solutions With Dual Processors For Web Hosting



If you are have already used a domain name generator to create your site and are looking to buy dedicated server or servers for your business ventures, there are many options out there. Frankly, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to make your first purchase. Thankfully, there are posts like this one to make your task much simpler to handle. Here, we will present you with our picks for the best places to buy dedicated servers that will increase internet speed for whatever your needs. Keep reading.


LiquidWeb is an excellent place to buy dedicated server solutions of all kinds in one place. Whether you want single processor or dual processor multi-core servers, you can find one to fit your needs for webtv and more at their website. You can also browse Guardian data protection, hardware firewalls, SAN solutions and more all in one place. If you need more than just a dedicated server, consider taking a look at the LiquidWeb website.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting, one of many MGCP alternatives, offers a different kind of solution than LiquidWeb for your dedicated server needs. Here, you can buy dedicated server hosting plans, so that you do not have to worry about the actual server yourself. All of their dedicated server plans offer additional features for firewall protection, SuPHP, MySQL, NoSQL, connectivity, hardware reliability and RAID. If you do not want to buy dedicated server parts and would rather just buy a dedicated server hosting plan, InMotion Hosting has the perfect solution for you.


MonoVM is another dedicated server hosting solution. This company is the right solution if you want to improve business professionalism without limiting server power. MonoVM has dedicated servers using the latest Intel generation and Supermicro hardware with enterprise HDDs. These servers are hosted in the United States and Netherlands, within worlds first grade datacenters. For 24 hour uptime at an affordable price, consider MonoVM.


At 1&1 you can buy a dedicated server for your own use with the added support of their customer service professionals there to guide you through any promiscuous mode issues or other complications that may arise. In addition, 1&1 uses only the latest generations of top hardware components to ensure the best performance possible for whatever you plan to host on your dedicate server. If you really appreciate great customer service that goes above and beyond, consider 1&1 as the top solution for you.


OVH is the perfect place to buy dedicated servers for techies who require customization abilities. With OVH, you can select a configuration on your own, or have their automated process help you find the right configuration for your needs. Anti-DDOS is also included with every single dedicate server purchase, which means zero downtime for you and your digital business. If you want a customizable, secure solution, consider visiting the OVH website.


The final buy dedicated server option to make the list is 1Gbits. 1Gbits is the perfect solution for those needing a dedicated server based on VMware ESXI. In addition, this company also offers solutions for Vblocks, as well as Linux VPS and Windows VPS. If you are a fan of Linux, 1Gbits may be the best solution for you. The company also has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you can take comfort knowing that you will not have to worry about going down with every change you make. If you want a Linux-based solution, consider 1Gbits.


One of the most commonly used method for techies is to buy the necessary parts and build a dedicated server yourself. Many choose the DIY server option because it is much cheaper than available alternatives. In addition, building a server allows you intimate knowledge of its workings, which makes effective server management much easier. In addition, you may also be able to barter technology parts to further cost savings. If you do not mind a DIY project, considering learning how to build a server yourself.

Buying a dedicated server is a complicated process when you are just starting out. That is why this post is here – to make your job a little bit easier. Consider the top dedicated server providers listed above alongside your personal needs and intended use for the server. Then, choose to buy dedicated server hosting or parts from one of the best dedicated server options listed above. Or, if things like the WatchKit sound more like a hobby and less like a job for you, than consider building your own server.

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