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A Guide To Buying A .Name Domain Extension

There are several steps to buying a .name domain extension. The .name domain extensions are often used to brand personal websites, portfolios and online resumes. In addition, many internet-based companies have started registering their unique domains into the registry to promote their businesses. As a creative, you should purchase a .name domain to create a personalized website, blog and email address. This way, you can have an authentic, confident .name domain that is all about you and your brand. Read on to learn about the steps to buying a .name domain extension.

Find A .Name Registrar

First, find a .name registrar to purchase your domain. The best .name registrars protect your assets with a domain that is unique to your brand. You should be able to establish, control and promote your brand digitally with a registered domain. Of course, you should use an accredited domain registrar that can meet all of your needs. In addition, compare different registrars that include basic features for no extra charge. The most common features are DNS management and email administration. Certainly, there are various DNS made easy alternatives for domain name hosting. More so, you should compare pricing options, add-ons and renewal rates to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Surely, you should find a .name domain extension registrar that can meet your specific branding needs.

Run A Name Search

Next, run a name search for your domain to verify it’s available. You can access a search bar in your registrar to verify your .name domain isn’t owned yet. These search engines rapidly explore the millions of domains used worldwide. Since thousands of new domains are added daily, check back often until you purchase your own address. Remember, your first few .name choices will probably already taken. So, keep an open mind and have many backups to consider. To make it your own, incorporate different keywords that are relevant to your brand. This can help you come up with a .name domain that is more unique to your online brand. Of course, you’ll want to run many searches before you settle on a .name domain extension.

Choose Your .Name Domain

Depending on the search availability, choose a .NAME domain for your personal use. Secure a creative and memorable name that sets your brand apart. In fact, you can even use your own name. Or, you can utilize ICANN domain names. This way, your domain will be unique and identifiable by those who know you. Plus, when visitors are searching for your website, they can easily recognized your name. In addition, you can use the domain for your company email address. This way, people will automatically know your company when they look at your domain. Of course, you can use second or third level domains if you have a commonly used name. With these level 2 or level 3 domains, you can add words before the top level .name domain. In short, you have to choose your .name domain before you can make a purchase.

Complete Registration

Then, you must complete your .name domain extension registration. In your registrar, enter the .name domain that you chose. Review the add-ons, pricing and terms. Once confirmed, complete the payment information. Then, you’ll have to insert personal data like name, address and contact information. After you submit the form, your domain registration can be processed. Unless you purchased domain privacy, your registrar information might be visible to the public. Here, all of your data is stored in the official domain ownership database. Of course, you can always access the control panel to modify your information. You’ll just have to confirm any changes via email. Certainly, you’ll have to completely register your .name domain.

Verify Ownership

Furthermore, verify ownership once you purchase your domain extension. Likely, you’ll receive a verification email once you complete your purchase. You can click the link or button in the email to verify your domain. In most instances, you’ll be forwarded to another page with verification instructions. Once you’re verified, you can share your domain to build brand awareness. For example, you can now use this domain to send emails, create a website or link to cloud services. In addition, this can also keep other people from using your domain without permission. Definitely, verify ownership of your .name domain extension once you complete the purchase.

Follow these key steps on how to buy a .name domain extension. Of course, there are several online tutorials such as Domains 101, to learn how to register a new domain. First, you need to choose a registrar to register your .name domain. Second, you’ll want to run a name search to verify the name you want isn’t already taken. Next, choose a .name domain that best aligns with your personal name or brand. Then, you should fill out all the necessary forms to complete your domain registration. Furthermore, verify ownership of your domain to start creating emails and websites with it. This way, you can successfully buy and setup your .name domain extension.

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