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How To Set Up Call Forwarding On Mobile Phones From Top Providors

Call forwarding is an extremely helpful tool. Call forwarding features are, unfortunately, not all that straightforward. Many people have trouble figuring out how to set up call forwarding on their phone, whether they have an Android dialer or an iPhone. If you need to know how to turn on call forwarding, you are in luck. Here is a guide to turning on call forwarding for all the top phone service companies.

Verizon Call Forwarding

If you want to turn on call forwarding on Verizon mobile phones, the task is very simple. All you have to do is dial *72. Then, dial the destination area code and phone number that you want your calls forwarded to. Once you have entered in those numbers, press call. Wait for confirmation. It may be a tone or a message. Once you hear it, end the call. This is much simpler than using Vbrick systems. You have successfully set up call forwarding for a Verizon phone.

Sprint Call Forwarding

If you are wondering “how do i setup call forwarding on Sprint phones,” it is fairly simple. Depending on what type of call forwarding you wish to enable, there are three steps you can take. For no answer call forwarding, just dial *73 from your Sprint phone. For busy call forwarding, dial *74 from your Sprint Phone Connect device. Or, you can dial *28 and then the number you want to forward calls to. When you want to disable call forwarding on Sprint, just dial *730, *740 or *38 depending on which of the above options you opted for. It is as simple as that.

AT&T Call Forwarding

To forward calls on AT&T phones, be sure to use your mobile phone. It is required for security purposes. On you mobile phone, dial **21* and the 10 digit number you are forwarding calls to, followed by #. Push the call, send, talk or phone receiver icon, whichever one you phone uses to start phone calls. Your AT&T mobile phone should display a confirmation message when call forwarding is activated. It is as simple as that, no need for the Geek Squad.

XFINITY Voice Call Forwarding

Call forwarding for home phones is a bit different. To forward calls on Comcast XFINITY Voice, pick up your home phone and dial *72. Wait until you hear the dial tone again. Then, dial the destination number where you would like to have your phone calls forwarded. Call forwarding confirmation will come on of two ways. You may hear confirmation immediately after entering the destination phone number. Or, a courtesy call may be placed to the number. If so, answer the call to activate call forwarding. If the call is ignored or busy, you will have to setup call forwarding again. This is a bit more complicated than the other setup methods, but it is still easier than refilling Jagtag accounts.

CenturyLink Call Forwarding

If your home phone service is CenturyLink, you can also turn call forwarding on using similar steps. Pick up your home phone and dial *72 once you hear a dial tone. Then, listen for a stutter dial tone, followed by a regular dial tone. Once you hear this, dial the the number where you want your calls forwarded. When the destination phone number picks up, whether you pick it up or someone else done, hang up the phone. You will not receive call forwarding confirmation that it is set up, unlike wireless network phones. Just know that once you hang up, call forwarding is turned on.

Call forwarding is extremely useful for a number of reasons. However, many people do not know how to turn on call forwarding on their phones, even though it is as simple as conducting a quick Elgoog search. To set up call forwarding on your phone, follow the directions above. If you want to turn call forwarding using a phone company not mentioned above, let us know in the comments below and we will try to help you out.

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