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Why Electronic Media Production Field Is Ripe With Opportunity


We are all surrounded by it, the electronic media process of creation. Probably more advanced than ever, the new process of creating content is easier, faster and cheaper than before and, thankfully, no longer requires a whole international team.

What Is Electronic Media?

Electronic media consists of any type of media, or content, that must be accessed via electronic devices. That means that if you watch TV or Snapchat to get your news, you are using electronic media. This is different from print media or for example, a newspaper, which does not require electronic device.

Media Education

The field of electronic media is constantly growing. With the Internet integrated into everyone’s lives, digital media is expanding every day. Many universities are offering courses and credits on electronic media production. They provide degrees in broadcast journalism, business communication and electronic media production design. This new frontier of media is ripe with opportunity.

Production Process

So what does electronic media production process actually look like? Is the creation of putting together content through different media channels. This includes written content, audio content and video content, including those features that appear on gamesites. All of these types of contents are usually digital, produced by people creating content for other people. If you’re interested in creating compelling electronic media, then get in touch with your audience. The best media is all about connecting the right people to the right information.

Required Skills

The electronic media production process also requires a number of skill sets including, but not limited to the following:

  • content research
  • content production
  • media management
  • media design
  • video production
  • audio production
  • electronic media sales and promotion
  • multimedia production
  • cross-platform communication
  • strategic planning
  • electronic media law
  • project management
  • communication technology

In order to have a successful electronic media production process, many of these factors must be present. It may also be helpful to have skills in the area of client communication. So, find what you’re good at and play to your skills. In this industry, there’s room for everyone.

Electronic Media Production Salary

If you want to break into the electronic media production field, you surely want to know how much you will be making. An electronic media production career can be a lucrative one. But, it will not make you a millionaire. The average annual salary for an electronic media production manager is between $68,000 and $89,520 in the United States. This can vary widely, however. Keep that in mind. But, it is good to know if you are pursuing a career in the field.

Electronic Media Preservation

If you are responsible for electronic media production in any form, whether webcast or otherwise, you may be interested to know that there are opportunities to preserve your work. The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, or AIC, has launched an Electronic Media Group specifically for electronic media works. The AIC group hopes to preserve electronic art, electronic-based cultural materials and tools of their creation. In addition, the conversation group hopes to provide a means for conservators and other professionals to develop and maintain knowledge of relevant new media and emerging technologies. If you are an electronic media producer, consider sending your work to the AIC Electronic Media Group for conservation.

Some of the newest types of electronic media on the rise include 3-D animation, video game design, like Dead Rising 3, podcasting, video effects and photojournalism. Many media companies are looking for people to fill these positions and pave the way for future of digital content and electronic media. Those who can adapt the fastest and produce the most high-quality content stand to reap great success.

Are you currently producing electronic media content? Please tell us more about your role in the production process. We would love to hear what you’re good at and passionate about. Thanks for reading.

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