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5 Careers To Pursue With An Online Web Development Degree

For students holding online web development degrees, there are many potential careers to pursue. It’s undeniable that the Internet plays an integral part in people’s lives. Whether you’re searching for something, connecting to friends and family across the globe, or doing business online, the Internet has a lot of things to offer. And when it comes to jobs, people with an Online Web Development Degree usually have a brighter future ahead of them in the digital world. The top degrees in the tech field allow you to explore software development, automation, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. That’s because of the different career paths degree holders can try after building a foundation in web development.

Here’s everything you need to know about Online Web Development Degree and the five promising careers you can pursue with it.

Online Web Development Degree: What Is It?

Primarily, an Online Web Development Degree refers to a degree wherein the student is required to have a skill set and knowledge in the field of education, web design, technology, and many more. Individuals who are looking to learn web development are expected to be equipped in navigating database systems, understanding programming language, and incorporating technology and applications to websites.  While this degree can be offered in online schools and colleges, universities, and technical schools, a high school transcript is necessary before an individual can enroll in the program. And since some degree programs integrate specializations such as software development, web design, and many more, anyone pursuing a degree in web development will surely have better employability after graduation.

Careers To Look Forward To Upon Graduation

In today’s digital world, employers are everywhere looking for graduates in the Online Web Development Degree. If you have skills and knowledge in programming and web design, you can quickly establish a flourishing career in no time.  Below are the top five lucrative careers available for individuals with a degree in online web development:


Due to modern technology these days, the use of videos has become a great source of information. There are opportunities for videographers on traditional web platforms, eCommerce sites, or through radio broadcasting services. With just a single clip, you can attract more viewers to visit a website. That’s why if you have a degree in online web development, working as a videographer can be in-demand for most employers. As a videographer, your primary job is to use your skills in telling virtual stories through videos and audio recordings. Also, having a degree in web development means you have a background in filming and editing videos for your websites. Therefore, if you’re keeping a career as a videographer, you can take home an annual wage ranging from $50,000 to $119,000.

Software Developer

Having a degree in online web development means you can build a thriving career as a software developer. When working as a software developer, you should have a good background in programming frameworks and languages necessary to develop software applications and programs. Software developers receive a median salary amounting to more or less $110,000 per year.

E-Commerce Analyst

Graduating with a degree in online web development can be your ticket toward having a great career as an E-commerce Analyst. If you’re working as an online or mobile E-commerce Analyst, your job focuses on making recommendations for the design and e-commerce solutions that suit your employer’s website. And the more you possess analytical and marketing skills along with your web development degree, you’ll excel in your career as an E-commerce Analyst. Moreover, if you want to receive as much as $100,000 per year, working as an E-commerce Analyst can be an ideal choice.

Graphic Designer

Since most websites require more graphic design projects, finishing a degree in online web development is invaluable. If you’re a graduate with this degree program, you can build a good career as a graphic designer. Your job includes text and image manipulation to make sure your website can catch the attention of your target audience. On the other hand, working as a full-time graphic designer allows you to earn a good salary ranging from $44,000 to $77,000 every year.

Web Developer

Because of the increasing popularity of the Internet, businesses usually require professionals who can make and maintain their websites. Therefore, if you have a degree in online web development, you probably have a great career as a web developer. If you’re working as a web developer, you’ll get to work with clients who want their websites designed professionally and artistically. And since the market for web development is rapidly growing, working as a web developer allows you to earn a good salary amounting to more or less $62,500 each year.

Ideally, web development is one of the best and popular degree choices because of its excellent career opportunities. Whether you’re working in the field of business, entertainment, healthcare, and more, having a degree in online web development will bring a lot of job prospects. Consider the points mentioned above if you are interested in the top careers to pursue with an online web development degree.

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