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Top 3 Mirapoint Alternatives For Enterprise Email Hosting Solutions

Mirapoint is a black-box email service that provides users with a variety of extra features for their communication needs. In 2012, Mirapoint even announced that they would be launching an archiving solution for their email that would assist companies and organizations in their efforts to comply with record keeping laws. Because of these special features, Mirapoint is a popular email ... Read More »

Common Network Protocol Variations To Send And Receive Data

RARP is a protocol by which client computers can request the IP address of a computer network. RARP is now considered an obsolete computer networking protocol. Still, it is important to understand the basics of RARP and what it has been replaced with. If you work with computers and do not want to watch TV shows for entertainment right now, ... Read More »

Why Network Services Should Be A Priority For Business Owners

Contingent is a Comcast Business Company dedicated to providing their clients with efficient and profitable network services. These Contingent network services include security, tech support and project management. If you are looking for solutions to network issues that your business has, consider hiring contingent to assist you. Below is a list of businesses that could most likely profit from using ... Read More »

Basic Representational State Transfer Guide For Use In Network Services

ReST stands for Representational State Transfer, an architectural style of communication primarily used in web applications and network services. In layman’s terms, it is a simple way of sending and receiving data between a client and a server. Many people may not know or understand the basic ideas behind Representational State Transfer in VMware Flings and other software. If you ... Read More »

Nonrepudiation Guide To Understand Its Role In Email Security

What is nonrepudiation? If you use the internet to send and receive files and emails, you may want to find out, if you do not already know. It is an important part of keeping your computer, and ultimately your private information, safe. Nonrepudiation is a method by which your computer confirms the security of the files you send and receive ... Read More »

Popular MGCP Alternatives To Improve VoIP Protocol Data Encryption

MGCP stands for Media Gateway Control Protocol. It is a standard protocol utilized in Voice over IP (VoIP) communications. However, there are other VoIP protocols to choose from. Currently, there are four popular VoIP protocols available. To ensure that you choose the best VoIP protocol for you, we are going to provide a brief overview of several VoIP protocols like ... Read More »

New Chase Payment Method Simplifies Online Shopping Checkout

Chase Payment, better known as Chase Pay, is the bank’s latest attempt at staying competitive in the ever-evolving e-commerce market. Chase Pay allows user’s a safe and easy way to pay for goods at various online retailers. Perhaps you have seen a Chase Pay logo on your favorite online retailer’s site. Or perhaps you have been prompted to try out ... Read More »

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