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Free Conference Calling Solutions That Don’t Sacrifice Quality

A conference call is a telephone call held between several people with different phone lines at the same time. If you run a business, it is highly likely that you know how expensive conference calls can be. Many people often turn to third-party phone services to maintain the conference bridge, allowing you to contact several clients or other businesses at ... Read More »

Guide To Nonrepudiation, Encryption And Data Hash For Cyber Security

Nonrepudiation is a legal term meaning the assurance that someone cannot deny something. In technology, it is an electronic security measure used to guarantee message transmission between two parties. This security is typically ensured via digital signature or encryption. Nonrepudiation is difficult to achieve digitally. However, it is important for things like digital contracts, online signatures and email messages. What ... Read More »

How The Best Authentication Sites Boost Security Levels

Authentication is the process of determining the validity of an online user’s identity. Whether they are an individual, entity or website, information can be authenticated in various ways to ensure that an online user is who they say they are. If you run a website for your business it is crucial to have user information authenticated. This is especially true ... Read More »

Top Skoool E-Learning Alternatives To Prevent Summer Slide For Students

Skoool is an Intel powered online educational resource for children in grades K-12. The Skoool program is international, with websites available in Egypt, Spain and the UK. Each site provides children with fun ways to learn math and science through online activities. E-learning can be beneficial for children of all ages. These e-learning opportunities make even help make your child’s ... Read More »

How To Use Digital Storyboards To Bring Your Lesson Plans To Life

Storyboards are graphical representations of information that display a chronological series of events. Storyboards can either be done by hand or digitally. For educators, digital storyboards are a great way to utilize technology in your classroom. They also provide an excellent way to allow students’ creative expression, much better than having them create Powerpoints online. In this post, educators can ... Read More »

Selling Twitter Accounts On The Black Market Earns Users Serious Cash

The selling of Twitter accounts is against the social network’s policy. However, that has not stopped users of the app from buying and selling their accounts. Many masters of internet marketing frequently make accounts specifically for the purposes of later selling them. In this post, Twitter app users can discover four interesting stories of selling Twitter accounts. You will also ... Read More »

T-Mobile Blog TmoNews Resources For Interested Tech Enthusiasts is an unofficial blog dedicated to bringing the scoop on the latest happenings with T-Mobile. The site is owned and run by PhoneDog, a media company that is designed to keep users well informed about mobile wireless technology. offers a variety of services to its readers including a buying guide, phone finder and sneak peeks at upcoming phones ... Read More »

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