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8 Promising Ebusiness Strategies To Thrive Online

An ebusiness, or electronic business, is a business that is run via the Internet. Amazon, eBay and are all popular ebusinesses you may be familiar with. In this post, entrepreneurs can acquire five pieces of advice for starting an ebusiness. Keep reading to find out how to profit off of modern technology solutions. eBusiness Advantages Of course, there are ... Read More »

8 Facebook Rules And Regulations Users Need To Follow

This year, Facebook surpassed 1 billion monthly users worldwide. This statistic means that 1 in 7 people in the world are on Facebook, making it the most popular social networking platform in the world. You can use the social network to chat with friends, make plans and even watch tv shows. So many people are on Facebook, but no one ... Read More »

7 Ways The NoScript Extension Improves Your Browsing Experience

NoScript is a free, open-source extension developed for Mozilla-based web browsers for the purpose of protecting internet users from harmful site plugins that act in promiscuous mode. Mozilla browser may want to take advantage of the available security feature, but first you need to know the benefits. Here are some of the top ways NoScript can benefit you and your ... Read More »

Common Cyber Attacks Can Be Prevented With These IT Security Tips

Cyber attacks are attempts by hackers to damage or destroy a computer or network system. These can range anywhere from malicious pranks to cyber terrorism threats, so it’s important to know exactly how cyber attacks may affect internet users like yourself. Cyber attacks are a growing threat, even for the average person. Here are some of the most common forms ... Read More »

Top Gamesites With Enjoyable Educational Games For Young Students

The implementation of technology in the classroom is greater than ever before. Between smart boards, tablets, personal laptops and varying multimedias like greenpages, students are surrounded by technology. In this post, educators can try out these five game sites that would be beneficial in any elementary classroom. ABCya! is a gamesite for children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Educators ... Read More »

Chatterbots AI Technology Mimics Human Behavior For Practical Uses

Chatterbots are computer programs that converse via text or audio, mimicking a human conversational partner. Unlike talking with humans and wondering DidTheyReadIt, these chat bots are waiting to respond instantly. They are used for practical reasons such as customer service or information gathering services, but they are also used to trick humans into believing they are conversing with another live ... Read More »

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