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Most Common Email Scams That Expose Your PC To Spyware

Phishing is a form of fraud email scams that attempts to extract passwords, credit card details and other personal information, from a person under false pretenses. Phishing is often for a malicious purpose such as theft and identity fraud by putting up fake authentication sites. Unfortunately, it can be done in a variety of ways. From phone calls to emails ... Read More »

How To Boost Your Internet Marketing Strategies For Increased ROI

The birth of the 21st century has lead to a plethora of changes regarding how businesses utilize marketing. But nothing has arguably affected marketing more than the implementation of Internet marketing, which has allowed companies to precisely pigeonhole where their messages are allocated and interpreted. Internet marketing gives a businesses the opportunity to personalize communication with their audience, opening the ... Read More »

How The Internet Revolutionized The Human Communications Experience

The internet has made the world a more level playing field across a number of forums, with a virtual platform allowing universal access to the same educational, technological and entertainment options regardless of location. Bringing the outside world into our front rooms and instant news through citizens journalists, a huge range of fields have taken advantage of these developments – ... Read More »

4 Unified Communications Trends That Are Changing The Workforce

Are you looking to improve your business’s workflow efficiency while still maintaining low costs? Everyone knows that technology grows business, and this is also true when it comes to this task. By implementing unified communications throughout your business, both managers and employees alike can benefit from more flexible work schedules and BYOD arrangements, which have both been shown to increase ... Read More »

Digital Dreams Report Conclusions Show Growing Consumer Frustration

Every holiday season, it seems like most people are talking about the latest mobile phone, DAS keyboard, tablet or recently released devices. At the holiday dinner table, families discuss the latest iPhone, iOS update and who can actually download the latest Android release on their phone. For years now, tablets, laptops and other devices have been the highlight of technology ... Read More »

Best Mobile Engagement Tools To Improve User Experience Effortlessly

It has been apparent for quite some time now that mobile is more important than desktop computing, at least for online browsing. For consumers, mobile offers easy access to the internet and information overall. For companies, mobile is a huge channel to sell, promote and engage customers in new ways. In almost every industry, IT professionals are being asked to ... Read More »

Supercomputing Conference 2017 Re-Imagines Urban Life In Smart Cities

The next generation of supercomputers are already here. They’re being showcased at the worlds largest supercomputing conference and used by major corporations and institutions. But, what happens when the industry leaders of high processing computing come together? They crunch a lot of data. Unless you have been living under a rock and still think Wintel is a thing, you know ... Read More »

How To Increase Internet Speed Without Upgrading Your Plan

Every month, the Internet bill arrives in your mailbox or inbox. You pay on time month after month for the same old Internet. In fact, you are basically the poster child for cable internet on time payments. But are you getting the Internet service that you deserve? Many Internet service providers actually promise faster speeds then you receive. They tell ... Read More »

Why German Candystorm Is Believed To Be The End Of Civil Society

You may be familiar with videos or articles going viral but that does not mean it is necessarily good, unless your only goal is to generate ad revenue through media monetization, much like those selling Twitter accounts. For example, there are videos that go viral about people getting hurt or trying to damage the reputation of a certain person. In ... Read More »

Digital Divide Statistics Reveal Surprisingly Positive Smartphone Impact

A study by Pew Research surveyed teachers on the use of digital technology in the classroom and at home. It revealed surprising opinions from teachers about their students. While most teachers agree that the internet and digital devices help students learn, but there could be a larger concern at hand. In the study, 81% of teachers expressed that students have ... Read More »

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