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How Much Bandwidth Do I Need For My Business?

We need to understand first what bandwidth is, so we can find out how much of it is required. “Bandwidth” is a regularly used terminology while describing the speed of the network. Though, bandwidth may not measure the speed of data transmission via the network connection. Instead, bandwidth does measure the amount of data that can move across the network ... Read More »

The Best Malware Protection For Windows 10

There is an abundance of great malware protection for Windows 10. Malware defenses come in a variety of sizes and modalities. In fact, they can range from simple utilities to large-scale security suites. Full-scale suites enhance the scope of system protections with features such as spam filtering and family restrictions. Additionally, lighter antimalware tools work in tandem with main defenses ... Read More »

5 Best Two Factor Authorization Types to Protect Your Accounts

There are several types of two factor authorization that protect your accounts. Adding some of these is an imperative step to maintain account security and privacy. By adding an additional layer to login processes, 2fa locks down access to important accounts. As a tech enthusiast, prevent stolen passwords, identity theft, and fraud by adding another access barrier to anyone who ... Read More »

What Advantages Does A Micro Data Centre Have To Offer?

The ability to discover effective facilities management (FM) solutions is no easy task. Stakeholders are often forced to make a choice between efficiency, cost and oversight. The main issue here is that none of these metrics should ever have to be sacrificed in order to find an appropriate solution. Thanks in no small part to the digital age, one effective ... Read More »

5 Best Multitouch Attribution Models For Marketing

There are many multitouch attribution models for marketing. Multitouch attribution is a marketing measurement method. It determines the importance of each touchpoint in the conversion pipeline. Therefore, multitouch attribution evaluates the value of each specific touchpoint. Since the buyer’s purchase decisions span multiple devices and touchpoints before conversion, marketers need to determine which touchpoints impacted the decision. As a tech ... Read More »

5 Advanced Features The Best Movie Collection Software Has To Offer

There are several advanced features the best movie collection software has to offer. With a media center application, movie collectors can catalog, organize, and manage their film libraries on various devices. Notably, movie collection software is changing the way tech users utilize streaming services. Indeed, many top movie collection applications are free to download. Plus, there is often no limit ... Read More »

How DDoS Mitigation Tools Prevent Attacks

DDoS Mitigation tools are becoming increasingly necessary due to the proliferation of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks can cripple entire network infrastructures, driving businesses and servers to a halt. They involve flooding networks and internet services with massive amounts of traffic. This overloads servers and causes them to crash, rendering the websites they service inoperable. Therefore, implementing ... Read More »

5 Best Platforms To Start Playing Bingo Games Online

There are several best platforms to play bingo games online. It is no secret that bingo can be a fun game for kids, parents, and grandparents alike. Fortunately, software developers are quickly advancing online bingo platforms for a more user-friendly experience. With these technological strides, bingo lovers can now play their favorite types of bingo games online in smooth interfaces. ... Read More »

5 Elements Of An Effective Bug Reporting Tool Workflow

Utilizing a bug reporting tool is imperative with technology driving many aspects of life. For some IT admins, getting the job done with spreadsheets is sufficient. However, larger organizations typically need a more robust solution. After all, solving hundreds of customer software issues efficiently requires a higher level of organization. In this case, IT professionals should seek the assistance of ... Read More »

5 Artificial Intelligence Platforms Transforming Software Development

Major artificial intelligence (AI) development companies are gradually releasing development platforms to the public. As a result, enterprise teams have access to vast code libraries that engineers can compile into deep learning models. With COVID-19 expanding the app market for mobile users, it is imperative for computer programmers to know the top AI tools to meet their development company’s needs. ... Read More »

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