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What Are Laboratory Information Systems? LIS Software Functions For Small Labs

Laboratory information systems (LIS) offer several powerful software functions for small labs. These powerful systems store and receive medical requests for tests, along with other advanced operations. Everyday, laboratories in hospitals, animal veterinarian offices, and government-sponsored public clinics use these features for success. With these capabilities, worldwide clinical laboratories can automate responsibilities, conduct testing, and communicate results. As a small ... Read More »

5 Features The Best SMS Texting Apps Have To Offer For Business

There are several features the best SMS texting apps have to offer for business. Many companies use texting apps to send order verifications, appointment reminders and store promotions. Plus, businesses can use SMS apps to market their brand with personalized messages and deals. As a business owner, utilize a texting app with the best features to promote your company. This ... Read More »

What Is The Most Secure Way To Share Files Digitally?

Secure file sharing operations are essential to harden security protocols and theft protection measures. Secure file sharing is now available more easily than ever before. Everyone who works with documents may be interested in secure file sharing. The size of the file affects the ability to share. There are different cloud storage facilities that are used for secure file sharing. ... Read More »

5 Recommendations For Testing Web APIs With Postman

There are several important recommendations for testing web APIs with Postman. Notably, Postman can make it easy for developers to create, share, and test APIs. Indeed, they can create and save HTTP/s requests. Plus, they can use APIs repeatedly without having to remember the exact endpoint, headers, or API keys. As a software developer, you need to know the best ... Read More »

Getting Started With WPGetAPI Plugin For Your WordPress Site

There are several steps to get started with the WPGetAPI plugin for your WordPress site. With the WPGetAPI, developers can connect WordPress to their external APIs. Then, they can easily get or send data. Using a shortcode or template tag, they can also display the returned data on their WP site. Plus, the API data can be output as either ... Read More »

What Is MLOps? Machine Learning Operations Explained

  Machine learning has been around for years, and it is now penetrating more IT industry areas. However, as the maturity of ML progresses to its application in business, companies must learn to implement the technology quicker. That’s what MLOps was invented for, and it’s the primary topic of this content piece. What Does Machine Learning Operations Mean? Setting up ... Read More »

How To Develop A WordPress Plugin With An API

There are several steps to develop a WordPress plugin with an API. For many developers, it’s more efficient to create a WP plugin than to add custom functionality to a site. Indeed, developers can still use a plugin if they decide to change themes. In addition, this can streamline projects where multiple themes need to share custom functionality. As a ... Read More »

Machine Learning And Dynamic Pricing Algorithms

Learn about the notion of dynamic pricing algorithms and witness how it helps companies maximize revenues and boost profits. You have access to software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a user, you fuel the machine with some instructions or algorithms. The software collects, analyzes, and synthesizes data based on such prerequisites. It is a short description of ... Read More »

How The Best Enterprise SSO Tools Improve Business Performance

The best enterprise SSO tools improve business performance in several key ways. Single sign-on (SSO) tools use authentication technology to protect private login information and credentials. These tools securely save user login credentials for various different sites or software applications. Given their critical importance, nearly every modern business nowadays can benefit from advanced, powerful SSO solutions. As a tech business ... Read More »

5 Internet Telephony Software Examples For Tech Businesses

There are several internet telephony software examples for tech businesses. Typically, technology based companies use this software to make and receive phone calls with their internet-capable devices. In fact, this software uses technology to convert voices into digital signals. Then, the signals are compressed and forwarded over an internet connection. As the owner of a technology company, you should familiarize ... Read More »

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